November 18, 2021

SAP Business One is a widely used ERP system designed for SMEs. This ERP platform was originally devised to be used in Windows Environment along with Microsoft SQL Server as its core RDBMS. Start-ups in the early stage of their lives find SAP B1 just ideal for meeting their regular back-office processing and account management needs. However, after a few years of growth, when their database grows exponentially to reach the terabytes level, they find this application inadequate for handling huge data volumes. Especially, businesses that need real-time analytics may find this platform inadequate for retrieving reports through SQL database. 

One of the ways to overcome these data challenges is to supercharge the SAP B1 platform with SAP HANA. The latter's In-Memory technology enhances the B1 platform with all the right tools and makes it capable of handling large data volumes relating to real-time analytics. When powered by HANA, SAP B1 becomes a robust solution that uses this in-memory feature to streamline data management. Thus, SAP HANA ensures faster and more efficient performance, facilitating the generation and retrieval of reports in a few seconds. Also, when SAP Business One is supercharged with SAP HANA, it helps to bypass several IT complexities and costs associated with them. As a result, your business operations can run smarter and faster.

Before discussing how HANA SAP B1 integration can benefit your business, let’s elaborate on the different data challenges that SMEs face during their growth phase:

  • The inconvenience of handling disparate applications for different processes.
  • Inability to access business-critical data at the right time.
  • Inability to access the data on-the-go
  • All these challenges lead to these negative consequences: 
  • Delay in making decisions.
  • Problems in identifying customer demands and inability to fulfil them
  • Challenges in ensuring cash flow for businesses

How can SAP Business One on HANA help growing businesses to overcome these problems?

The beauty of SAP Hana lies in its In-Memory technology and this technology can make a world of difference to your business. This technology comes with a number of technical advantages – the ability to sort through huge data volumes for reporting, quick analytics,  and automated roll back / system back-ups among others.

It allows your existing SAP Business One platform to process a massive amount of data in significantly less time for reporting, analytics, and the deployment of real-time applications. When asked for feedback, most of our clients have reported that they have experienced improvements in the following areas post HANA-SAP B1 integration:

Facilitate a more agile operation: Hana makes data retrieval and processing real fast and that in turn, speeds up your decision-making process and helps prioritize your actions, correctly.

Enables insightful decision-making: Accessing data is important but HANA's In-Memory technology does not stop just there. It helps access a huge volume of insight-to-action transaction data through a single dashboard.  Built in reporting feature like the Cash flow forecasting helps businesses to get real-time pictures about cash flow and other processes and solve problems at the earliest.

Improve Efficiency: By bolstering search capability and incorporating analysis tools, HANA-B1 integration helps employees to become more productive and less dependent on IT support staff. All that the HANA environment requires is a SAP-certified server specification on which the hardware would run. The configuration and memory has also to be adjusted accordingly.

Allows for affordable scaling-up: When backed by HANA, SAPB1 helps to simplify the IT operations on the one hand. On the other hand, it allows for infrastructural growth to match up to organizational growth. Thus, this integration enables small and mid-sized businesses to scale without having to make an exorbitant investment.

The above-mentioned are only a few benefits of HANA SAP B1 integration. There are several more that you can enjoy after enhancing your SAP B1 platform with HANA. If you are contemplating an SAP B1-HANA integration, hire a trusted SAP Business One Partner in India. At Ingold Solutions, we offer a range of SAP B1 customization solutions. We have proven expertise in offering tailored solutions for various industries. Just get in touch with our technical reps and discover why our clients loved our implementation services.


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