Save Cost and Time with Payment Reconciliation
Although a huge proportion of the sellers trust the payment practices of the marketplace for accepting payments, not many have a constructive instrument to check the glitches that exist in the system itself.

The payment received by sellers for their product sale in the marketplace is according to that sales channel’s payment cycle. These payment cycles are subject to change depending on the time of the year and the prevailing situation of that marketplace. The marketplaces also deduce taxes and penalties, certain commissions, service charges, according to specific cases. Due to all these reasons, it becomes difficult to track if every individual product going out of the warehouse has been accounted for in the payment. Especially for sellers enlisted on multiple marketplace platforms, it can get quite overwhelming to keep a tab on how much money is coming in from the marketplaces.

Ingold Solutions is a reliable and winning marketplace management service provider. We seamlessly manage all your payment reconciliation and reports related to the marketplace so that you are relieved of the stress of maintaining your marketplace accounts.

How Do Payment Reconciliation & Reports Help eCommerce Businesses?

Payment reconciliation helps businesses to keep detailed track of reports, and the financial health of their business. Reconciliation helps to prevent bounced checks, overcharged fees, overdrafts and shows patterns of financial trends like cash inflow & outflow. Our Payment Reconciliation solutions specifically reduce the strain on your company’s finance department and ensure an updated & detailed report of real-time costs & inventory.

Set Up a Payment Reconciliation Method with Ingold Solutions

Every marketplace has its unique method and schedule of visualising and disbursing payments. With hundreds of orders coming in every day, things can get out of hand. Our team of experts efficiently manages all your marketplace payments so that everything is under control.

Excel sheets can be tedious and tricky to handle, also, storing data in excel for the long term can be unsafe. Our marketplace professionals expertly handle your data and use the latest industry technologies to offer you the best service.

Ingold Solutions helps e-commerce businesses keep track of returns and payments, ensure profitability. We identify areas for improvement to scale and grow your business.
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