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Take Control of All the On-field Activities and Keep Your Customers Satisfied
Organisations often deploy workers to carry out certain in-person services for a customer, which is called field service. It may be servicing an industrial machine or fixing your Wi-Fi connection at home. The different types of field services include:
Start-up Operational
Field Service Management (FSM) is the management of the resources employed by a company that directly provides service to its clients. As these interactions are direct with the customers, it is extremely critical for their retention and loyalty. Hence, field service management is considered a key part of a business’s overall strategy.
Ingold Solutions is an SAP Silver Partner and Coresystem Partner. Our team of SAP specialists helps companies with SAP Field Service Management to effectively and efficiently collect and sort huge amounts of data from customers, machines, and service providers.
Challenges and KPIs of Field Service
Digitisation has been a both curse and a boon for field service. On one hand, it makes field services much manageable and faster. On the other hand, businesses that are not at par with technological advancements bear the risk of becoming obsolete. Here are a few reasons why:


Nowadays, customers expect and demand real-time solutions to their real-time problems. Companies that fail to meet these requirements quickly fall by the wayside. To keep up, field workers need tools that enable immediate response times and first-time fixes.


Machines equipped with sensors provide status updates and alerts in real-time. This helps in avoiding costly downtimes and production stoppages. It is impossible to respond to these alerts without the right field service software and qualified service technicians.


It has become imperative for field technicians to be connected to customers, devices, and headquarters. By using IoT and switching to mobile field services, you enable field service technicians to access all the data they require to deliver the best service possible.


Thanks to digitisation, customers now expect an immediate response to all their problems. Failing to provide quick and effective solutions not only risks a company's relationship with its existing customers but also reduces the chances of customers recommending your services to others.

Advantages of Achieving KPIs Using Field Service Management


FSM enables you to evaluate the number of variables in a fraction of a second which would otherwise take hours if done manually.


Keep track of all your data. FSM makes it possible to consolidate data across numerous devices from a multitude of sources and then provide the answers to the most critical questions from the field force.


As Field service technicians need to look after many customers, providing them with complete background information can help them personalize their visit. Thanks to FSM, all that a service technician needs can be directly made available to them via a mobile app!


The best way to have a complete overview of all internal processes and external tasks is by integrating ERP and CRM software. With this software, you can anlayse all your business processes and determine where improvements and adjustments are required.


A critical part of successfully operating in field services is having spare parts available on hand.

FSM software enables you to keep an ongoing list of the available parts, which is updated in real-time. This ensures that the field service technicians arrive with all the required spare parts on the site. It also makes it easier to reorder parts that are low on stock so that they are always available to you.
As an SAP silver partner and Coresystem Partner, Ingold Solutions has helped the best-in-class companies to transform their service organisation by building a focus on the customers with SAP Field Service Management.
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