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Outsourcing has become a common business practice that involves passing off definite responsibilities to an outside team of specialised resources, enabling you to benefit from the service provider's expertise allowing your company to focus on your core business decisions. 

Ingold Solutions’ information technology outsourcing services include functions such as managing IT infrastructure, maintaining cybersecurity, providing IT support, tailoring industry- or company-specific IT solutions, and more. We specialise in delivering comprehensive Access Audit services to businesses of varied sizes. Choose us to outsource your Access Audit services or hand off your IT needs entirely to us.

Ingold Solutions’ Access Audit Services

Ingold Solutions conducts accessibility audits for:

Software and mobile applications
Online training/eLearning
PDFs, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and other digital files
Video and audio assets
Themes and templates
Tools used to find, create, and manage digital content
Enterprise reporting

Why Request for Access Audit Services?

Whether you are making sure that your site or application is easily accessible to all, working hard to meet a project requirement, or responding to a real or perceived legal action, thorough testing of your website for accessibility offers:      

  • Specific information on how your product stands out against cited standards.
  • Strategies that bring your digital environment into an agreement.
  • Recommendations for reformation prioritisation.
  • An overview of the skillsets and training required to remediate. 
  • Fundamental knowledge of accessibility principles.

Contact Ingold Solutions for Seamless Access Audit Services

At Ingold Solutions, we eagerly learn about the requirement of our clients and offer them custom-tailored solutions that fulfil their business goals. Our service is best suited for organisations looking for an optimised outsourcing solution for their IT needs. We conduct regular auditing to ensure that our processes and security measures are robust enough to keep your company's and clients' data safe and secure. If you are ready to start enjoying the benefits of IT outsourcing from a company dedicated to providing comprehensive IT solutions for our clients, get in touch with us at Ingold Solutions.

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