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Add On Customization
Add On Customization

End-to-End SAP Business One® Add on Customisation Services

As an SAP Silver Partner, we are experts in customising SAP solutions for businesses as per their unique set of requirements. SAP Business One® solutions can be effortlessly customised, adapted, and integrated into a multitude of ways to fit individual business needs. At Ingold Solutions, we critically study and analyse every business to understand how its processes and operations can benefit from SAP Business One® customisations to improve their business needs and industry requirements.

Phases of Add on Customisation

Customisations Requirement: Our SAP experts get the complete requirements of the customer on a priority basis to analyse the better picture of the work needs to be done.

Preparing Scope of Work: Based on the customers’ requirements, we chalk out a complete scope of work and present customers with the most concise document resulting in the top-notch customisation as per the requirement.

Step-by-step development: Complete performance and usability of software largely depend on the quality of the work done in the development phase. Development is the core step in the SAP Business One® add-ons customisations.

Testing: We have a team of expert QA who specialises in SAP B1 testing and ensures that the customised product performs well under a variety of different situations. The best performing software needs to pass all the test cases prepared in the testing phase before getting released.

Deployment: It is the final step in the customisation life cycle where our experts take special care in deploying the tested software to the server for its real-time usage by the customer.

Training & Support: We make sure that the complete handover with end-to-end training & support is provided to the customer so that they can make use of their software to the optimum level.

As an SAP Silver Partner, Ingold Solutions offer specialised, customised and best-in-class SAP Business One® Add on Customisation Services.

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