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Highly Reliable and Scalable AWS Managed Services

One of the most effective ways to leverage the benefits of shifting to cloud computing with AWS is to outsource AWS managed services from a leading service provider. It gives you the freedom from the daily operational concerns of AWS management, there is no need for you to develop AWS-managed infrastructure, it also saves your time and money, and helps you to focus on the core business operations.

However, you can enjoy these benefits only when you choose the right AWS managed service provider. You can outsource AWS managed services from Ingold Solutions to get maximum value for your investment.

Factors to Consider while Choosing an AWS Managed Service Provider

While discussing project details with your prospective AWS managed service company you must consider the following elements to make an informed decision.

  • Infrastructural Management Expertise and Foresightedness.
  • Controlling Cloud Operations.
  • Top-notch Support and Scalability.
  • Outsourcing helps you to save money.
  • Agreements and Contracts.
  • The Experience, Expertise, and Reputation of the AWS Service Provider

Accelerate Your Cloud transformation, Migrate to AWS

App Modernisation

Update the old software and include new frameworks, infrastructure, and language platforms and save money over time.

Hybrid Cloud Migration

Merge your business software with private cloud and public cloud services; move workloads between cloud solutions as per your business needs and cost fluctuations.

DevOps Adoption

Streamline your Software Development Lifecycle and adopt DevOps through Constant Integration and Continuous Deployment. Shoot up productivity by hiring DevOps.

Cloud-native Tools

Let your organisation build, deploy and operate software applications more frequently, and reliably in a managed environment.

Reduce Cloud Complexity with a trusted AWS Partner

Ingold Solutions offers you a full spectrum of Amazon Web services. We employ the best resources in terms of the human workforce and the technology stack to offer our clients a competitive technological edge. Our experts have the experience of working with a range of companies across diverse business domains. Besides, they have successfully implemented a wide range of AWS-managed service projects for an extensive range of clientele. 

  • Understand your business goals.
  • We offer you in-depth knowledge about AWS services.
  • Define a strategy to embrace the Cloud.
  • We follow the best AWS security practices.
  • We support multiple technology stacks for varied applications.
  • World-Class Support.

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