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Analytics & Reporting
Analytics & Reporting

Accurately Extract, Measure and Analyse Real Time Data to Improve Your Business Performance

As an SAP Silver Partner, our proficiency lies in keeping businesses agile to changing environments and technology. With SAP Business One® Analytics & Reporting, we accurately extract, collate, measure, and analyse disparate real-time data to help enterprises gauge their performance and manipulate their strategic initiatives. With adept use of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design and other effective tools we combine key metrics and information obtained from different sources to help organisations optimise their performance and have a peek into business trends with SAP's predictive modelling.

How the Reporting and Analysis Works

  • SAP Business One® Analytics & Reporting aids in better decision-making in a business. It drives key strategic initiatives and plays a crucial role in steering business strategy.
  • It enables companies to react to the changing business environment in a better way and ensures improved financial performance.
  • It helps enterprises identify and create new product and service revenue streams and efficiently respond to buying trends in the marketplace.
  • Data-driven reports help generate ways to increase sales, understand consumer behaviour and effectively target the offerings of your business to a particular segment of customers.
  • It can also help you to control overhead costs, improve the quality of service and speed up time-to-market.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

This is one of the effective analytics tools of SAP enabling creation of insightful and alluring dashboards from any data source with point-and-click ease. It not only helps you take effortless control of your raw & complex data but also helps turning it into intuitive and interactive dashboards, thus making it available for easy understanding.

Features of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

  • Combines key metrics and information from multiple sources into a single dashboard through SAP Crystal Dashboard Design & optimise performance monitoring.
  • Transform raw corporate data into better business results powered by visualizations, thus making it ready for easy understanding.
  • Improving strategic planning of business by conducting a what-if analysis on real-time data through SAP Crystal Dashboard Design’s predictive modelling, giving you a peek into the business trends.
  • Connect your dashboard to any type of external data sources for better analysis and results.
  • Create data presentations and dashboards from various sources through improved workflows, data connectivity and integration features and flexible design and customisation options.

Experience simplified and personalised SAP Business One® analytics and reporting with Ingold Solutions.

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