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The premise of fashion is extremely competitive. Every passing season is making way to something new, opening more challenging avenues for the retailers to venture in. With exclusively created SAP Business One® Solution for fashion industry, relevant enterprises can now effortlessly accelerate planning cycles with integrated plans for demand, supply, and capacity and manage promotions and financials within a comprehensive enterprise plan and operate cross-functionally across manufacturing, wholesale, and retail.

As an SAP Silver Partner, Ingold Solutions brings you robust and integrated SAP solutions for accessing business-critical functions, streamlining processes, and giving you a deeper insight into your business. Powered by a host of intuitive tools and reports, our integrated solutions facilitates better and faster decisions, leading to improved business agility and profitability.

SAP Business One® Solution to Provide End-to-end Support to the Fashion Enterprises

Procurement Optimization

To ensure business efficiency, our integrated SAP Business One® solution helps in end-to-end systematic approach to the procurement process. From maintaining your vendor contracts and transactions, our system aids in minute tasks like the issue of purchase orders, renovating inventory quantities, value calculation of the imported items, payment, credit and return processing.

Effortless Inventory Management

For apparel and fashion SMEs, SKU and Bill of Material complexity often pose a challenge. Leveraging our solutions, you can easily manage your data at the final level, which further helps in effortless forecast and planning, thus leading to a smart control of inventory. With our intuitive solution, you can easily automate basic glitches, by taking care of the inventory levels, price lists, item management, transfers between warehouses, special price agreements, and inventory transactions. All these key processes are seamlessly integrated with sales and purchasing. It aids in quick process and improved profitability.

Achieve Perfection in PLM

From design through production, you need an effective product management.  For that, enterprises need to be innovative and rely on systems that can automate the tasks to attain efficiency. Our system comes equipped with intuitive tools for product data management, which aids in apt management of images, colours, materials and POMs. Alongside, you can add sketches, documentation, concepts from any file or any existing drawing tool. The built-in web PLM functionality is exclusively intended for the users to manage colours, styles, and materials online, so that it’s easier to generate and track requests, purchase orders, and many more to help employees and vendors access data in real time.

Ensure Manufacturing Efficiency

When it comes to manufacturing process, minute glitches are inevitable when you are doing it manually. Thanks to the intuitive solutions provided by SAP Business One® that makes Material Requirements Planning (MRP) a seamless process. 

Leveraging our solution, users can have a real time planning scenario and simultaneously predict demand, based on forecasts. Our SAP B1 system comes integrated with a robust warehouse management functionality that takes care of the efficiency optimisation.

We help you introduce flexibility in the manufacturing process by providing strategy-based materials management. It may include order and inventory related production, mixed and variant production, and so on. From detailed planning, factoring in order times, lead times, transition periods, capacity allocations and checking on the availability of resources- everything is displayed through a user-friendly graphical format so that users can relate to it without much hassle.

Optimised Sales Support

By taking control of the key process of your business, it helps your sales and customer support representatives to stay updated on the process. It’s easier for them to enter and track orders, shipments and invoices, as well as accessing customer and style information, while empowering them to keep customers up-to-date always. Also, the eCommerce webstore that we create for you can help customers develop a fulfilling shopping experience.

Streamlined Control on Cash Flow & Expenses

A comprehensive range of tools comes equipped in our SAP Business One® Solution.  It streamlines all kind of financial transactions, which include everyday cash flow, expenses, general ledger, account setup and maintenance, as well as budgeting.  Whether it is cash receipts, bank reconciliation, advance payments, or something else, this well integrated solution helps keeping comprehensive control on the finances.

Become Analytics Driven

The most crucial part of any business is reporting.  And the same runs true for Fashion Manufacturing units as well. Our industry-specific SAP Business One® Solution is powered by a suite of intuitive reporting and analytics tool to help you generate accurate reports about every aspect of the business, starting from customer and vendor debt, cash flow, sales, customer-contact summaries, bookkeeping, financial statements, warehouse inventory, and customer activity. Such insightful and real-time reports increase clarity & transparency.

Today’s Fast fashion Demands a Powerful & Automated Solution

The fashion industry is continuously upgrading, making retailers and manufactures both face several challenges. However, with our robust and integrated solutions, the process becomes easier. Having a system in place helps merchandising staff take entire control of the fashion catalogue, by providing accurate information of the collection, including style and colour options and everything that is crucial for creating a beautiful visual experience for the customers and drive their purchase decision.

Our SAP Business One® industry solution is tailored to your needs. Upgrade the manufacturing of your fashion unit to master today’s challenges, foster resilience, and drive customer experience excellence.

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