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Cloud infrastructure services Design & implementation
Cloud infrastructure services Design & implementation

The Best Possible Azure Migration Solutions Is on Your Way

Ingold Solutions, a Microsoft Azure Partner, is a leading company providing the best quality Microsoft Azure cloud services globally. We have the skills to determine the unique business needs of each customer and provide them with services that are customised to their needs. Some of the key Microsoft Azure cloud services offered by Us:

Disaster Site Recovery
Data Backup

Application Migration

Azure enables organisations to modernise their on-premises applications. However, there are numerous methods to migrate apps to Azure. Our team at Ingold Solutions has the required expertise to assist you in successfully migrating your applications and web services to Azure.

Why you should migrate your Apps to Azure?

It is a much better option to migrate ASP.NET framework server applications to the Azure cloud platform instead of re-architecting server apps from scratch. It becomes crucial to migrating on-premises apps to the cloud if you want to:

Increase your storage requirements
Decrease the overhead cost associated with infrastructure
Update the underlying functionalities and the server infrastructure
Enhance the efficiency of the existing framework
Add value to the business while improving security

Migration Challenges for ASP.NET Apps

Several organisations face serious challenges while migrating applications to a more scalable Azure platform. The challenges may include:

Re-architecture of existing applications
Decreasing downtime of applications
Planning of OS and network architecture
Altering app management processes
Maintenance of functionalities and performance
Securing data and selecting the right storage system and

Migrate to Azure

Our migration services are specifically designed to assess and migrate web apps to the cloud. Our services will enable you to migrate apps to Azure App Services easily without writing any code or making any changes. Within just a few minutes, applications will be migrated from on-premises to the cloud with our app migration services.

Why App migration to Azure?

Top five reasons why app migration to Azure using the App Service Migration Assistant is so important.

Access to innovation
Drive productivity
Rapid and flexible deployment
Enhance scaling efficiencies
Speeds time-to-market

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services by Ingold Solutions

Ingold Solutions, a Microsoft Azure Partner, offers high-quality Microsoft Azure cloud services and a series of other infrastructure management services to clients globally. Our team encompasses some of the most experienced and skilled Microsoft Azure cloud experts on board who can cater to all your requirements with ease. With the application of the latest tools and technologies, we deliver top-notch services to clients.

So, if you are a business looking for a reliable and cost-effective Microsoft Azure cloud service provider, then you have landed on the right page.

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