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Speed Up Your Document-Based Business Processes in Berlin with CK. Solution

The Document Management System CKS.DMS is the driving force changing the world of time-consuming and cost-intensive processing with paper files to the quick and efficient paper-free office of the future. This software not only allows efficient storage of paper documents but also smart archiving of files and emails. It can be easily adapted for your firm’s internal processes. As it substantially simplifies the storage and retrieval of business documents, this software saves both your time and money. Ingold Solutions is an SAP Silver Partner in Berlin, and a partner of CK solution. Our SAP specialists are dedicated to delivering seamless, continuous, and responsive support to businesses for their CKS SAP Business One® solution.

As a partner of CK.Solution, we offer our clients the following advantages:

CKS.DMS when integrated into SAP Business One® provides the following benefits for its users:

Revision Safety/ Versioning

To maintain transparency in document management and protect against any data loss, every process is supplied with a new transaction number.

Supports Multiple Clients

There is simultaneous storage and processing of diverse clients.

Additional Archiving options

It provides you with the option to archive behind batches and serial numbers.

Process Optimisation

It allows auto-generation of barcodes and file names for e-mails, files, or scanned documents. In addition, it also has auto text recognition and keywording feature that simplify the process of archiving and retrieving documents.

Low setup costs

Quick installation and complete integration of CKS.DMS into the workflows and approval procedures from SAP Business One® considerably reduces the setup costs.

Associate with us to automate your document workflow together


Automation during import


Managing the movement and access of documents in your business


Legally compliant retention of documents


Transferring to third-party interfaces

SAP Business One®, but Better!

Optimise the document-based business processes and accelerate your workflow with Add-on for SAP Business One®:

  • Digitalise documents
  • Forward documents via SAP
  • Find documents quickly
  • Speed up the capture of documents
  • Link documents with SAP documents
  • Audit-compliant archiving of documents
  • Automate processes
  • Transfer to interfaces
Automatically Capture External Documents

Replaces the manual entry of an invoice or delivery note.

Audit-Compliant Electronic Archiving

All fiscal documents, e-mails, and attachments stored digitally


Process, create, send, and archive electronic invoices digitally

Why Ingold Solutions Is Your Best Choice to Partner With?

As an SAP Silver Partner in Berlin, and a partner of CK.Solution, we understand that requirements for automated document management vary from business to business. This may include the creation of a special feature or catering to different Add-ons and interfaces. With the flexible modules of CKS.DMS, it is easy to use for everyone. With this software, we help you to remarkably reduce the time and effort required to set up a DMS software in SAP, minimise the integration errors and simplify the overall experience for the user. Contact us today to avail cost-effective CKS SAP solutions.

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