Deploy New Server (Windows or Linux)

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Deploy New Server (Windows or Linux)
Deploy New Server (Windows or Linux)

Seamless Deployment of On-premises And Cloud Solutions Along with Disaster Recovery

All Small and Mid-sized Businesses cannot afford an in-house IT department. At Ingold Solutions, we offer top-class outsourced Windows and Linux server support, because we believe our clients deserve only the best.

Our experienced Linux and Windows engineers are extensively trained and can be relied upon to run your infrastructure successfully without the expense of in-house staffs. We work as your IT partner, and closely engage with you to provide the best Windows and Linux server support to satisfy your IT needs. With us, you will enjoy consistency, reliability, and IT staffs who are best at their job.

Key Features of Our Outsourced Tech Support Services


Our technicians, administrators and other team members have extensive knowledge in all aspects of multiple operating systems, including Linux and Windows support.

Convenience and dependability

Whenever you face an issue or a problem, our highly trained professionals address the situation promptly and thoroughly.


With our outsourced tech support services, you experience a reliable and cost-effective IT solution including only the services that you need, also you can scale your service package instantly as your business grows.

Linux and Windows Support Services You Can Trust

If you work with Linux and Windows systems, it is crucial to rely on an outsourced tech support provider who has a deep understanding of your software, infrastructure, along with your specific needs and demands. At Ingold Solutions, you will get the expertise you need as our professional Linux and Windows support specialists are seasoned with vast and direct experience with enterprise-scale Linux and Windows systems in a variety of settings, from offices to web servers and data centers. Additionally, we offer customised tech support packages, which are fully scalable to meet the needs of your evolving business.

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