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Transform data into intuitive business insights with Certified Google Analytics Professionals

Data is one of the most crucial elements of any successful marketing strategy. Elaborate data insights enable you to make informed business decisions and provide meaningful feedback on the business returns.

Our Analytics Consultancy Services

Standard website and app analytics installations are beneficial for checking out top-level data on traffic patterns, behaviors, and sources. However, they provide a little insight on specific goal tracking and other e-commerce information. It may also include referrals that are unwanted and incorrect traffic that weaken the value of the data therein.

Keeping this on the top of our minds, at Ingold Solutions, we tailor our consultancy around Analytics account configurations and other associated services. From building custom dashboards in Google Analytics, Data Studio, to technology upgrades in Google Tag Manager, and reporting platform of your choice, we cover it all.

Our Approach

Each project we undertake varies greatly. However, we have a checklist that is usually common for all of them. Some of the topics include:


While you migrate from one content management system to another or edit your pages very often on a large enterprise network, it may happen that some pages are not tracking to the correct session or the dimensions that you want. As a result, the traffic shows referrers as new sessions thereby amplifying the statistics incorrectly.


Our team of Google Analytics Certified Professionals look at your payment gateway integrations along with CRMs. They monitor for errors on the page, filter out regular users with IP addresses and give you advice on your coding configurations.

If our clients demand an expert analysis of their data and want us to provide them with a narrative on what is happening, our team do that. To back up this narrative, we use external tools, so that, you can be sure of the reasons behind the ups and downs in your business processes.

A lot of times, we experience a flow of ‘direct traffic’. This traffic, however, is far from being ‘direct’. With the help of this analysis, we can easily categorize the traffic into visible channels and determine if they are coming via paid or organic search, or if they are referral traffic from other websites.


Analytics need specific installations for events to reflect in your package. Just with a little configuration, submission of forms or the number of clicks on a link can be tracked in your web analytics as measurable events. These can then be converted into goals for reporting to optimise your advertising expense.

Google Analytics has advanced eCommerce features that help you track the success of your e-commerce website. To achieve the product-level insight and detailed reports on shopping cart abandonment, you need to fully utilise all the features that Google Analytics offers.


When a business invests, it expects returns. But the tricky part is to monitor that return.

Ingold Solutions is trusted by both growing businesses as well as established brands for guidance on data-led strategies. Our team of Certified Google Analytics Professionals will work with you closely to understand your business goals and objectives. They will integrate the actions of users throughout their online journey, and give you a clear picture of how, why, and what should be tracked.

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