Optimise Your Business Processes with SAP HANA

As an SAP Silver Partner, Ingold Solutions has in-depth understanding and expertise of SAP B1 HANA®. With our profound knowledge, we assist businesses to manage large volumes of data, track and process new insights and tap into real-time analytics. Our proficiency to manipulate SAP B1 HANA®'s in-memory platform features allows enterprises to leverage on real-time insights for making informed strategies and decisions based on interactive reports, eliminate layers of IT complexities, and improve agility in planning, sales, production, and financial processes. 

SAP HANA® Boost High Performance for SMEs

SAP brings revolution in the day-to-day business process of the SMEs by providing them the ability to leverage the next-generation in-memory platform, SAP HANA®. 

SMEs require a lot of information within the shortest span of time. In fact, they need to manage large data volumes and extract immediate answers to grow their business. For such scenarios, they want easy-to-use, effective tools like SAP HANA®. 

With SAP HANA®, businesses can drive their entire operations in real time for unprecedented value. It brings transactions and analytics into a single in-memory platform thus driving smarter business innovations, faster business processes, and simpler business interactions.

Leverage SAP HANA® version of SAP Business One®

SAP HANA® platform is an in-memory technology designed to address concerns about growing data volume that often becomes a problem for business of any size. It provides a modern platform for real-time applications and real-time analytics without jeopardizing your IT infrastructure.

SAP HANA® is equipped with:

  • Effective functionalities of SAP Business One® to speed up response times across every department from financials & accounting to inventory and operations.
  • Embedded analytics that appear in the transaction screens of SAP Business One® (such as analytics used by salespeople to make better customer recommendations on cross- and up-sells at the point of sale).
  • In-built calculation-intensive report templates, for example, inventory analysis and monthly customer status.
  • Predefined dashboards including those delivered with SAP Crystal solutions.
  • Interactive, ad-hoc analysis through a Microsoft Excel pivot table interface.
  • Predefined semantic layer for interacting with data using familiar business terminology or business intelligence tools like SAP Crystal solutions that lets you handle it without in-depth technical knowledge.
  • Lifecycle management including an initialisation and duplication mechanism, backup and recovery, monitoring, and an administration console.
  • Additional functionality for the SAP Business One® mobile app – including integrated enterprise search, available-to-promise (ATP) check when creating orders, cash flow dashboards, and more – for customers using the SAP HANA® platform.

SAP HANA® Empowers Business with:

Real time Data Access: Real time access to trusted data across your entire operation.

Top-notch functionalities: SAP HANA® empowers business with pre-built reports and dashboards thus extending their capabilities.

Reduced Cost of Infrastructure: Investment in hardware and maintenance of traditional database solutions are reduced.

Enhanced responsiveness: SAP HANA® ensures more responsive approach for planning, sales, production, and financial processes.

Interactive reports: Generate interactive reports in seconds for informed decision-making.

Simplified IT premise: A single system for transactions and analytics making things streamlined.

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