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Accelerate Your Business Transformation with Azure Cloud Migration

Microsoft Azure Migration Azure Cloud Migration Services enables you to migrate all your infrastructure, data, and applications to the cloud. Although, Microsoft provides a tool called Azure Migrate to facilitate this process yet doing this can be both complex and time-consuming. To streamline the Microsoft Azure migration, you need a team to make sure everything ends up in the right place, and in line with modern coding approaches and languages.

Secure and Manage Stage: Key Considerations:


Respond to anomalies and incidents and understanding the security posture of the new cloud-based application test is crucial to ensure security measures are working.

Data Protection

Put protective measures such as backup, disaster, recovery, encryption, and other measures suitable for your business risks and compliance requirements in place. Azure provides many services and mechanisms to protect your data.


It is important to recognise that cloud environments are dynamic, and performance is neither static nor guaranteed. Monitor performance of data services and use tools like the Azure Traffic Manager, NewRelic or AppDynamics to perform real-user monitoring.

Types of Azure Migrations Supported by Ingold Solutions


Applications are migrated from the on-premises environment to the cloud without any changes to the underlying application. Our experts help you with more information on how it compares to other methods, along with some of the tools that can be useful for rehosting.


An application is moved to Azure with a few code changes but not any major revamping of the application. This enables you to support services such as Azure Container Service and Azure SQL Database Managed Instances. You can also leverage Azure’s App Service, Logic Apps, and Azure Functions to help re-architect, refactor and rebuild your apps in Azure.


In this strategy, the codebase of the application is revamped and moved to a cloud-native architecture.


In the rebuild strategy, using the Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities, the old application is put aside, and the same functionality is built from scratch. Services like Azure Functions and Logic Apps can be leveraged to build the application tier and Azure SQL Database, or other hosted Azure data services can be used for the data layer.

Why Ingold Solutions for Azure Cloud Migration Services?

Working with Ingold Solutions enables you to combine the efficiency and convenience of outsourcing Azure Cloud Migration Services. We help you to decrease labor expenses and lower Azure Cloud usage costs while reducing friction from differing architectures and business practices. By synergising with the Microsoft Azure migration process, we provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for getting your operations on the cloud.

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