International Online Marketplace Management


International Online Marketplace Management
International Online Marketplace Management

Ensure Global Business Growth with Tailored & Scalable Marketplace Management

Looking to promote your brand at the global marketplace? Leverage, smart and tailored marketplace management solutions for promoting your brand globally. From building a loyal customer base to creating new audiences, we help you connect faster, smarter, and more efficiently, thus driving a sustainable growth. We promote your brand globally by offering a flexible solution, thus allowing you to sell products simultaneously across multiple online marketplaces.

Store Management

Get full-fledged store management services to generate sales, drive growth, increase brand awareness, boost product visibility, and encourage customer loyalty.

Our end-to-end retail solutions

Our end-to-end global marketplace solutions, is designed to eliminate the struggles of international expansion, thus providing unmatched, reliable, and speed-to-market solutions. We manage everything from contracts to returns, so all you need to focus on is which marketplace to sell into next!

What we do?

Technical Integration

After having a clear understanding your business strategy, objectives, and customers, we work closely with your internal teams to determine your technical requirements. Our innovative, highly customizable integration services enable us to quickly onboard you without any heavy investment in IT resources.

Drive Sales

We focus on generating sales by using marketplace promotions, capitalising on marketplace trends, ensuring optimized product listings, and delivering locally tailored customer service.

Expand Globally- Choose Ingold Solutions

We support your global expansion plans by creating customised strategies, thus enabling you to develop the international roadmap to reach customers.

Contact us to reach your global customers and boost your sales. We will develop a tailored solution for your business that will help you reach your international business goals.

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