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Innovative ERP Solutions to Align Sales Effort with Inventory Management

Running a connected warehouse with little hindrance lies in good inventory control. Production and distribution-based businesses must always be aware of customer behaviour and requirements, item location, demand trends, lead times, and product data. Inventory managers also struggle to find the right balance between overstocking and understocking. This helps in the production of just the right amount of goods involving immense analysis, planning, coordinating, and executing. Overstocking means waste of materials and loss of revenue. Understocking leads of unsatisfied customers and lower revenue. With the economy becoming increasingly challenging, the demand for environmental sustainability is also increasing.

As an SAP Silver Partner, Ingold Solutions addresses these long- and short-term challenges by adopting a robust inventory management ERP system that has the potential to provide businesses with the right technical tools to help them plan, produce, analyse, and execute the end-to-end process.

Injecting smart SAP Business One® tools into the inventory management means enhanced handling starting from customer order to item status and delivery. It also helps you to continuously monitor usage of items and keeping a track of inventory status. Innovative solutions are the key to stay relevant in the current market and keep up with changing customer expectations. This makes the entire cycle hassle free and easier.


Why ERP Is The Solution to Eliminate Inventory Obstacles

Manage Orders With Quotations

Leverage SAP Business One® sales management tools to create price quotes, take orders from customers, keep your inventory updated, manage invoices, document that serves as sales contract, and receivable accounts. The entire process is prone to errors and time consuming is done manually. This is where an ERP system solves multiple issues to ensure smooth end to end transactions. It provides your business with the necessary technology to adapt the sales tasks for organisation specific needs.

MRP Management

Schedule, manage, and keep track of items to be produced or purchased with an easy and powerful tool. Eliminate the error prone expensive production process and replace the same with a structured planning system that automates every task by implementing relevant data. To keep everything up and running, it is imperative to ensure that raw materials are kept at an optimum level. Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) helps businesses reduce risk by determining what items to buy or produce using AI driven analytics.

Data Analytics And Reporting

Monitor, analyse, and generate reports on your inventory on a custom range of date. A better overall picture of your inventory helps you gather relevant information that can be utilised to control expenditure and increase sales revenue. It gives you adequate insight to make manufacturing decisions to avoid project delays resulting from item shortage which means customers will end up choosing a competitor. Discover trends, patterns, and understand customer behaviour to improve your overall performance. Adopt ERP to keep inventory management on track and improve efficiency.

Reduce Overall Costs

Container management tools for inventory helps you handle container load to gain shipping cost efficiency. Use this tool to ensure accuracy in reporting of stock delivery date, expected date for delivery to customers, and keep track of other schedules. This ultimately results in reduced costs resulting from incorrect estimation which can be eliminated with ERP tools. It also helps businesses calculate their freight costs in orders and deliveries. You can also boost your freight management system with reduced routing cost, accurate estimation of freight costs, and printing multiple courier company barcodes from one printer.

How We Help You Unlock Your Hidden Inventory Potential

Innovation is what gives your business the power to thrive in a competitive economy. Ingold Solutions, an SAP silver partner, uses the powerful SAP Business One® to automate your inventory, analyse demand supply data, execute cycle counts, store critical customer information, calculate complex data, provide accurate data driven decisions, predict future trends, and do much more to help your business deliver to its fullest potential.

Here at Ingold Solutions, we strive to streamline your inventory management right from receiving an order, all the way to delivery by leveraging smart custom solutions that have always worked for our clients. No matter what your business type and how high the revenue goals, our industry experts can work up an effective solution.

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