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Logistics & Warehouse

Ensure Operational Efficiency in Agile Warehousing and Logistics Management

Enterprises dealing with warehousing and logistics often face operational challenges. While keeping up with the consumer demands of fast and low-cost delivery, enterprises simultaneously cope up with challenges like labour scarcity, shortage of space and more. It leads to operational glitches as well as failure to attain accuracy in day-to-day operations.

At Ingold Solutions, an SAP Silver Partner, we get you exclusively tailored SAP Business One® solutions to gather real-time insights, recognise bottlenecks, mitigate risks across supply chains.

Key Challenges Faced by the Warehouse & Logistics Management Enterprises

  • Space Scarcity: Limitation of space is one of the major setbacks logistics organisations are dealing with. While allocating new space becomes way more expensive, SKU shuffling as per the demand needs a thorough warehouse restructuring. It delays the overall process.
  • Glitches in Data Collection: Warehousing equipment downtime and maintenance is expensive. This is one of the prime reasons behind operational glitches in the process.
  • Poor Traceability and Delayed Delivery: Inconsistencies and errors are likely to happen when it comes to faster delivery. But such warehouse glitches often result in delayed delivery, thus leading to customer discontent.
  • Logistics Unavailability: Sometimes, unavailability of the transport as per the demands delay deliveries, which also results in customer dissatisfaction and financial losses.

Count on SAP Business One® Solutions for Warehouse Management

Leveraging our SAP Business One® Solutions, you can effortlessly manage a volume of items in a more streamlined manner. Each of our tools is industry-specific addressing exclusive needs. Our solutions for warehouse management will digitise your entire process while accelerating your day-to-day operations.

  • Smart inventory & Space Management: Our exclusive solution helps in smart space management without even adding floor space and make your operations more flexible. It improves overall efficiency and facilitates cost savings.
  • Logistics Optimisation & Efficient shipping: Integrating SAP Business One® tools allow enterprises to automate process and optimize manual tasks. You get a detailed overview of transport and logistics including information related to weight, quantity or delivery destination. Basically, electronic handling of logistics processes by means of our curated SAP solution accelerates your internal processes, reduces manual work steps & increases profitability.
  • Effortless & Accurate Tracking: An integrated system comes with a clear, user-friendly interface that aids in quick evaluations. With live data updates, response times are short, which helps your customer service reps to address queries faster. They can also identify unplanned delays, pertaining to traffic or so and inform customers accordingly.
  • Mobile processing of issues, receipts & stockholding: Take control of your warehouse’s key functions and that too in a paperless manner. Our curated solution for your warehouse can be utilised at every touchpoint of your store management by using features like barcode reading, RFID, and many more that help in smart traceability.

Take Control of your Warehouse & Logistics Operations with Us!

Leverage tailored SAP Business One® solution from an SAP Silver Partner company. Our solutions are specifically curated for warehouse and logistics units to manage high-volume operations seamlessly. It also helps streamlining complex supply chain logistics and integrates it with your warehouse and distribution processes, thus giving you complete control over the process. With us, you can have well-optimised inventory tracking, distribution operations, cross-docking, multichannel fulfilment, and a lot more – all in real time.

We offer:

  • Both on-premises implementation and cloud deployment  
  • 360-degree warehouse -logistics solution
  • Precise control of warehouse automation tools

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