MailChimp Email Sending Solution

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MailChimp Email Sending Solution
MailChimp Email Sending Solution

MailChimp Email Sending Solutions by SAP Silver Partner

SAP Cloud Platform, API Management can be leveraged to monitor, regulate, and securely publish APIs from 3rd Party Cloud solutions like Mailchimp. Once the connection with the Mailchimp is established through API Provider, API Management can connect to it and make them available in a secure and documented way. As an SAP Silver Partner, Ingold Solutions is empowered to send order confirmation and AR Invoice to the customer via MailChimp.

Leveraging our MailChimp Email Sending solution, SMEs can handle large volumes of emails in the most hassle-free manner. This functionality comes with business-enhancing analytical features and strong technology tools that help SMEs to effectively use email to get in touch with their clients and prospective customers, market their products and services with ease and accuracy and turn leads into actual sales.

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