All In One Manufacturing ERP Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Manufacturing industries undergo constant change throughout all departments to keep up with increasingly high competition and customer demands. Some of the key challenges business owners face are to lower the cost of production while increasing operational efficiency. 

The solution? Embracing digital innovation through smart ERP solutions. This is because manufacturing ERP software seeks to solve several challenges that can help you survive margin pressure and become more flexible. These include automation and centralisation of all manufacturing processes such as sales, marketing, supply chain, human resources, engineering, production, and after sales service. 

Along with SAP, Ingold Solutions, an SAP Silver Partner empowers businesses to boost profits, create an environment for efficient management, allow hassle free communication across various departments, eliminate repetitive time-consuming tasks, reduction of human error, faster data driven decisions, and industrial growth.

Own A Manufacturing Business? You Probably Faced These Challenges

Like every business under the sun, manufacturing industries have their own set of daily hurdles. 

  • Cost estimations and calculations
  • Lower production and technology acquisition costs
  • Keep up with changing customer needs
  • On time delivery of goods and services
  • Planning and production
  • Sales and distribution
  • Supplier base management 
  • Inaccurate reports and quality control
  • Data analytics and predictive decision making
  • Decentralised platforms for various functions

Here’s How We Can Help You Solve These Challenges

  • Streamlined Project & Production Management: Our curated solutions facilitate advanced, smart data driven planning by reducing manual intervention and human errors. The system, being an integrated one, offers departmental synchronisation on a single platform to make things more streamlined across the manufacturing unit.
  • Smart Material Resource Planning: An integrated system helps in stock monitoring of individual inventory to reduce wastage, surge product margin, and reduce operational cost by improved resource utilisation. This solution allows you to save money and estimate production costs more accurately. Also, it helps in the implementation of the best technology into existing stack.
  • Advance Preparation and Scheduling: Gain real-time stats on stocks, order status, availability, or resources and more from a single, user-friendly interface. It helps in efficient planning well in advance, thus resulting into fast delivery to live up to the customer demands.
  • Seamless Management across Supply Chain: Get real time tracking system for error free delivery, supply sales and purchase order management. With real-time insights quotation cycle and preproduction time are drastically reduced. 

What Processes Can You Accelerate In The Manufacturing Industry?

From raw materials to the finished good, you can make innovation happen

Human Resource

Make The Most Of Your Manufacturing Business with Unique ERP Solutions

Achieving growth is not easy. This is why making the right decisions matters when it comes to investing in hiring experienced SAP business professionals, choosing the best technology stack, and planning a fail proof roadmap.  

As an SAP Silver Partner, we, at Ingold Solutions, are dedicated to making positive change happen with custom-made, high-performance ERP solutions designed to bridge major performance gaps and tested to survive today’s economy. Irrespective of the size and type of your business, our team has the potential to deliver innovative ideas to overcome these hurdles. 

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