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Why Us
Why Us

Seamlessly Manage your Global Marketplaces with Us!

Manage your online retail presence  using our strategic  ecommerce management solutions. While shopping online, users come with a wide variety of choices. They look for the best possible experience and better deals. Hence, keeping eCommerce sites updated on a regular basis is a constant challenge for site owners. This is where our professional team provides the most value. Our time-tested process and years of industry experience in the eCommerce gives us an edge when it comes to managing large global marketplace and reach out to a wider customer base.

Key Outcomes of Our Marketplace Management services

Build strategies for acceleration in online sales

As your dedicated team, we will manage your day-to-day platform, inventory, and ASIN management so that you can focus on the bigger picture. Together with you, we will execute an accelerated eCommerce strategy based on the outcomes.

Global Online Marketplace Management

It takes a full-time team to navigate the ins and outs of global eCommerce. Our experienced Brand Managers are updated on the latest trends and best practices across ecommerce marketplaces to offer you the best service possible. They examine your global opportunity across all marketplaces and international regions to help you grow your brand by selling your products wherever you want.

Content Optimisation and Performance

Our Brand Managers are marketplace experts and speeds up your marketplace sales by ensuring all your content is optimized and is functioning well. Then we monitor your content performance and adjust it as required. Our team’s key focus lies in finding creative solutions to your eCommerce problems.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Reviews can either make or break your business on the eCommerce platform. Remember 1-star increase in star rating can account for a 26% increase in conversion rate on marketplace platforms. Hence, good reviews are crucial if you want to soar high in a marketplace. Our customer satisfaction team responds to every negative review and manages your ratings on marketplace platforms so you can focus on other important business decisions.

Win the Marketplace with Ingold Solutions

Our comprehensive service lineup starts from the very initial discussions of selecting the most suitable marketplace platforms for your product to suggesting the best-selling products that will go on your company page on the marketplace. So that, irrespective of whether a shopper is using his computer mobile, or tablet, we focus on revenue streams.

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