Order Management Services


Order Management Services
Order Management Services

Accelerate The Process of Order Fulfillment

Enhance customer experience with quick and efficient order processing, while having the highest level of accuracy.

eCommerce Order Management Services

An effective order processing not only helps to acquire new customers but also in generating repeat orders. The order processing experts at Ingold Solutions process all the order information with swiftness and utmost accuracy. They also determine the customers' credit position, scrutinise the availability status of the requested products, order status reports, and generate invoices among other order processing tasks. We ensure efficacious handling of orders, refunds, replacements, returns, as well as follow-ups at regular intervals.

To execute order processing seamlessly you need highly skilled and experienced resources. At Ingold Solutions, we have experts who work as an extension of your team to deliver enhanced order processing services.


Our Order Processing Services Consists of:

Our experienced marketplace experts offer the following eCommerce customer order management services:

Order Fulfillment and Customer Order Processing Services

We assist you in processing orders by reconciling the information related to customers, product quantities, invoices, and packaging. We also take care of product returns and add drop-ship items.

Inventory Management

We can help you by providing your customers with updated information about product availability and quantity details. Thus, giving you better control over inventory management.

Procurement Management

We process your purchase orders in the hassle-free manner, so that it accelerates the procurement process. Our team of experts assists you to place backorders with the suppliers, feed-in shipping addresses and ensure that the product delivery is implemented within the given time and at the correct location.

Shipment Processing

With us, you can be assured of seamless product delivery to your customers. As part of our order processing services, we ensure accurate and consistent information concerning the recipient’s address, carrier, mode of transportation, and dispatch schedule.

Payment Transaction Processing

We help you to process transaction details such as credit card invoice generation, and authorisations.

Reverse Material Flow or Return Product Processing

We support you in processing the customer returns in case of product damage during transit, delay in item shipment, and consequently enhance the satisfaction level of the customer.

Order Status Reporting

We help your customers to find out their order status, estimated date of delivery, shipping information, back-order consignment details, etc. Our team will also convey order substitution or delay information, and manage requests concerning both, cancellation or acceptance of a substitute.

Why Ingold Solutions is your best choice?

Our team has the required skills and extensive experience in employing modern Order Management technology to render eCommerce order management services efficiently.

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