High Performance Robust SAP Business One® Solutions for Multi-Channel Retailing

The world of retail industry is dynamic and complex. Keeping up with the ever-changing market demands and surviving increasing competition is no easy task and often leaves retailers struggling with a number of issues. The issues range from several challenges starting right from raw materials all the way to after sales services. 

In a bid to sustain market challenges, businesses must implement innovative solutions to their existing system. The key to a sustainable roadmap lies in ERP solutions with the potential to synchronise all departments - manufacture, supply chain, marketing, human resource, IT, and merchandising. Today, embracing digitisation is not an option but rather a choice between innovation and extinction and the only answer to get an edge over your competition. 

This is where SAP retail comes in. The need for a dynamic business solution is now accelerated more than ever before. No matter what the type of industry and size of organisation, Ingold Solutions an SAP Silver Partner along with SAP retail can help you drive efficiency for all employees and deliver compelling service to your customers.

Challenges Faced by the Retailers in a Competitive Premise

  • Keeping pace with changing customer demands
  • Poor supply chain management strategy
  • Retail store management and maintenance 
  • Targeting right customers and retaining existing ones
  • Keeping up with changing technology and integrating new ones
  • Employee and human resource problems
  • Data management and analytics
  • Risk analysis and management 
  • Transportation and logistics management
  • Warehouse planning and optimisation

How SAP Business One® Adopted by Industry Tycoons

  • Distributed data processing and centralised control
  • Advanced solutions for store maintenance
  • Human resource dashboard to minimise repeat tasks
  • Digitised transport and logistics control centre
  • Central dashboard for data collection and analytics 
  • Intelligent and predictive risk analysis 
  • Integrating new technology stack while preserving value of existing ones
  • Purchasing functionality for vendor and supply chain management
  • Smart supply chain and regulatory management 
  • Plan sales strategy and price margins based on current market risks

Benefits of SAP Business One® For Every Retail Industry ( Graphical Presentation)

Streamline end to end product delivery process
Integrate features like scanning, cash drawing, printing
Automate planning of merchandise, forecasting
Reduce room for error and reduce repeat tasks
Smart planning, prediction, and analysis
Create a sustainable long-term solution to remain competitive

What Business Functions Can Be Improved With ERP? (Graphical Presentation)

Retail purchase management
Supply chain and vendor
Quality assurance
Risk analysis
Inventory and warehouse
Sales and service
Accounts and Finance
Human resources

How We Help Retailers Reach New Heights Everyday

SAP business is the standard solution adopted by the biggest shots in the retail industry. It is the only tool with the capacity to provide real time insights and solutions to almost every process. It is a 360-degree automation plan that has changed the traditional industry completely for good and is a valuable business solution.

Ingold Solutions, an SAP Silver Partner offers industry specific SAP solutions that can be injected into organisational structure, core business processes, information systems, and other systems. For your business, this not just means reduced operation costs, but guaranteed return of investment. Our expertise in dealing with numerous retailers has taught us the tricks and tips of this business like no other and can help you improve every function starting from demand to delivery.

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