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Supply Chain Planning

Automate Your Supply Chain Planning with Accurate Data Prediction and Management System

Managing the gap between demand and supply is an important task of any business that sells goods. Nevertheless, most organisations, irrespective of their size, struggle with supply chain management. This includes keeping up with the market demand, manufacturing adequate products, and streamlining the distributions system. When any one of these functions fails, it not just means low return of revenue for your business but can also hamper your brand image. 

The answer to all these challenges is a real time planning and management software for your supply chain. SAP Business One® has numerous advantages for small to medium sized industries which are lacking a robust digital advantage over their competitors. 

In order to thrive in today’s economy, adopting smart technology is not an option but rather a necessity. As an SAP Silver Partner, Ingold Solutions uses the powerful tools of SAP Business One® to make intelligent, data driven decisions that can make real time difference to your workflow. It gives you complete control over the process starting from materials to manufacturing.



Supply Chain Planning: Challenges


Be inadequate manpower or insufficient forecasting tools, lack of proper planning can negatively impact your revenue flow. Overstocking or understocking is a common issue that costs companies in millions. A robust ERP system eliminates guesswork and wrong decision making out of the administrative and operational process. It leverages the material requirement planning tool to assort production order and auto assort quantities based on market demand and various other metrics. Such data-based calculations help businesses ensure minimum losses and prevent waste of productions.


Insufficient visibility into the production process is a common issue faced by a few manufacturers that leads to slowed production and unsatisfied customers. In order to get real time visibility into your production, a robust system that maintains the interaction between raw materials, human resources, and processes is required. It gives businesses the potential to predict and implement the steps that will lead to better output and efficiency. It helps you gain a comprehensive view of the entire operations system for higher output and efficiency. Manage the shop floor and warehouse through a sophisticated workflow system and know where your products are at any given time.


Calculating revenue loss resulting from delays in the manufacturing process and wrong estimate of demand cannot just be difficult but also wrong. More and more companies are addressing this issue by adopting ERP software. This gives them the tool to track it accurately. It also helps one to ensure that goods are manufactured in keeping with demand. This results in better quality of goods that delights customers and reduced wastage to minimise losses. Businesses can accurately keep track of material expenses, labour cost, production time, and other metrics to get real time cost analysis of a project that allows them to analyse costs and align it with their goals.


Inaccuracy in reporting and no proof of compliance may put business operations to a standstill. A fully functioning ERP system has the potential to maintain and execute industry compliance standards throughout the entire supply chain via transparent data. It is a tool that has been proven to help businesses by providing valuable financial data to implement in the supply chain functioning. It helps organisations analyse projected cost against the real expenditure and get the required information on raw materials from suppliers on time. This way, manufacturers can gain maximum return on investment and eliminate poor decisions that negatively impact the ROI.

How We Help You Eliminate Challenges and Multiply Revenue

ERP systems are designed to help small and large enterprises alike improve their business processes and scale their operational abilities. By deploying systems like SAP Business One®, companies are able to manage their manufacturing processes much more efficiently while maximising production ROI and reducing overall costs.

At Ingold Solutions, an SAP Silver Partner, we are dedicated to solving the challenges of your supply chain management system with high performing, scalable, custom-made ERP solutions. You can control every process at your fingertips with a centralised management system. From sales tracking, advanced data visibility, all in one reporting, and much more, digital growth has the potential to streamline all your business challenges. 

A good ERP software is one that has the potential to automate and simplify your entire supply chain process. It should include features that are easy to use and makes the entire process hassle free. Manual management is prone to error, time consuming, and often inadequate to serve business demands.

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