Enterprises in the trading industry need to deal with buying and selling products on a regular basis. Quite obviously, they need to manage a huge inventory and take care of transferring products to the retailers as well as to the customers on a regular basis. While it’s a pretty complex process, there are ways to automate the process and execute it more seamlessly.  Integration of SAP® Business One® solutions can help in streamlined tracking and management of inventories, thus accelerating efficiency in the day-to-day process.

Leveraging our exclusively curated SAP® Business One® solutions can help trading enterprises in proper streamlining of stock maintenance, accounts and bill management, report generation and sales process. On a daily basis, trading enterprises need to execute complex tasks, which often brings a set of challenges. With intelligent SAP tools, it’s easier to automate complex tasks while directly communicating with customers to enhance business deals.

How do we Streamline Process for our Trading Industry Clients?

  • Accelerate Time-to-Value: Specifically curated solution for trading industry helps in executing end to end business operations seamlessly. It helps managing a wide range of products from diverse industries at a time without investing much time.
  • Smart Supply Chain Processing: Trading industries often need to deal with complex supply chain process thus leading to customer dissatisfaction in many cases. Leveraging our SAP solution can help them streamlining the supply of products to end customers, through efficient tracking.
  • Expedites Sales Cycle: Getting quotations, confirmation, and finally dispatching order to suppliers can be totally automated through our single integrated SAP® Business One® solution and that too with zero confusions.
  • Easy Material Management: For trading industry, keeping a track of the stock details on a daily basis crucial. However, the manual execution invites a lot of human errors due to the complexity of the process. With SAP® Business One® solution, the process gets automated and henceforth easy to keep a track of the stock details. Since material tracking is easier this way, wastage of materials can also be avoided.
  • Hassle-free Bill on Materials: Our curated solution helps in seamless recording of billing on every product. What’s more! These billing details can be retrieved later on to analyze sales and purchase operations and well as expenditure.
  • Improved Customer Relationship: With SAP® Business One® solution, you can easily manage on-time delivery of the products to the customers, which eventually leads to enhance customer satisfaction and adding business values.

Our Curated Solution for the Trading Industry

Inventory Management

Automates system control & organize material flow

Online Trading Management

Automates every process from ordering to delivery

Asset Monitoring 24/7

24/7 tracking accentuates security and safety to the process

Seamless Cash Flow

Automates cashflow management so that accounting handling becomes effective

Smart Management of Customer Database

Efficient processing of the customer details helps in smart customer management

Report Generation

Easy report generation on stocks, orders, sales, and finances

Ingold Solutions, being an official member of SAP® PartnerEdge® Program can design industry-specific solution for the trading enterprises dealing with the day-to-day challenges. We focus on streamlining your process so that you can attain operational efficiency. 

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