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Make Your Website Visible with Our Powerful Website Hosting Services

Having a website is crucial but taking it live involves a lot of complex procedures. And without seamless hosting, taking your website online is next to impossible. But worry not! You’ve arrived just at the right place. Ingold Solutions offers top-notch web hosting service to give your website the right boost.

What We Do for You

We offer you an end-to-end web hosting service:


Your website needs a domain name that that fits your brand and relatable to your users. We help you get a good domain name registered.


Secondly, you need to store the DNS information pertaining to your domain. Your website, emails, and other online resources need an IP number to associate to the domain name, or mail server. All these information must be stored safely with a registrar so that you can point your domain to your web host. We store DNS information for you.


When you initially set up your site, it’s a good practice to leverage a Content Delivery Network (CDN), to ensure your website is delivered optimally to all users. A CDN makes a copy of your site and distributes it to nodes across the country or worldwide. It essentially caches a version of your site in closer physical proximity to users, thereby serving your website content up faster, and lightening the load on your primary server. Ingold Solutions includes a CDN with all our web hosting services.

A Website Hosting Company with Experience

As soon as your website is ready for deployment, it needs to be made live permanently on a host. Ingold Solutions has partnered with multiple companies supplying web hosting services. We have years of experience  in this field, so that you can host your website, and quickly deliver your site to everyone, everywhere in the most hassle-free manner.

Leveraging web hosting services from a professional service provider like us gets you the following benefits:

Data Backup

We assist you in the scheduled backups of your site, thus allowing you to return your site to its original shape in case there is an event of data loss, or an accidental data overwrite.

Physical Security

We offer you a perfectly secured space with limited access where your confidential data will be stored.

Backup Power

We deliver a backup diesel generator to keep the power running to your server during power outage.

99.9% Uptime

We assure that your website will be always up and active.

Let us handle everything, from your initial website design and webhost provider to on-going maintenance and SEO.

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