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Why choose us
Why choose us

Amplify Your Brand Message with Our Unparallel Social Media Marketing Campaigns

In this modern era, every brand is expected to have a social media presence with a tailored and cohesive strategy. At Ingold Solutions, we have a powerful team of social media experts, who research and strategize social media marketing campaign that fulfills your business goals. As a leading ISO-certified social media marketing agency with GDPR and HubSpot certified social media marketing professionals, we know how to reach your target audiences across different social media platforms. We develop successful social media marketing solutions that maximize revenues. For this reason, businesses across the world entrust us with their social media marketing responsibilities.


Our Social Media Marketing Services Consist Of:

The steps we follow to run a successful social media campaign are Track, Test, Tweak and Repeat. We believe that you cannot maximize what you fail to track or measure.

Competitor Analysis
  • We conduct a thorough market analysis of your industry and service areas.
  • We search and monitor all your local competitors who are currently outperforming you in terms of audience size and engagement.     
  • Our team will analyze which content will best perform in your industry.
Developing Engaging and Organic Social Media Campaigns
  • Our social media experts meticulously research content that has high engagement with your audience. 
  • We ensure consistent posting by prescheduling posts.
  • We monitor the engagement and interaction rate exhaustively.                        
Designing Data-Driven Paid Social Campaigns
  • We create custom audience to target your brand and company.
  • Our team creates copy and graphics for high-performing social ads.
  • We also split test the ad copy.
  • We consistently work on reporting and improving paid social ads.
Tracking Your Social Campaigns
  • We track and optimise the audience and reach.
  • We boost the engagement rates with the right strategies.
  • We monitor the click-through-rate and leads.
  • We optimise the ROI on paid social campaigns.
Managing And Monitoring Your Social Reputation
  • We track your social media reviews.
  • We monitor social media feedback and attitude of users.
  • We monitor the social engagement from campaigns.
  • We keep tracking the brand mentions and any conversation across all social platforms.     
Escalating Your Efforts with Website Navigation
  • We install social widgets on the website.
  • We provide you with an optional website social feed.
  • We add social media buttons such as “Share on Facebook” or “Pin This” to website content.

Why Ingold Solutions Is Your Best Choice?    

As a leading analytical, data-driven social media marketing company, Ingold Solutions delivers superior service by offering the following to all our social media marketing clients:

A Dedicated Account Manager- We provide you with a dedicated account manager who has adept knowledge in business and social media and can guide you to take important business decisions.

Detailed Monthly Reports- We provide our clients with detailed monthly reports that connect social performance to your bottom line.

A Support Team- Our support team consists of HubSpot certified analyst, web designer/developer, and a dedicated professional copywriter.

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