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Sinell All-IT specialises in tailored IT solutions, delivering precise concepts, intelligent structures, and comprehensive hardware and software services to clients. The partnership includes Lenovo, a global technology leader, thrives on innovation and collaboration.

The Challenge:
Managing Extensive Data

Lenovo's partnership with Sinell All-IT GmbH faced a significant challenge—managing extensive customer data and billing information. This hurdle demanded a streamlined solution to ensure seamless data integration.

The Solution:
SAP Support from Ingold Solutions

Ingold Solutions played a pivotal role by providing SAP support and facilitating the automated synchronization and exchange of billing data. This automation reduced manual invoicing time, streamlined SAP Business One tasks, and expedited reconciliation processes, ultimately propelling the partnership forward.

Bottom Line

Lenovo's successful partnership with Sinell All-IT GmbH, empowered by Ingold Solutions' SAP support, exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic collaborations and efficient data management. This achievement underscores Lenovo's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

What Client Says

Enabling integration has significantly decreased partner's manual invoicing time, streamlined SAP B1 user tasks by automating data retrieval, and consequently expedited reconciliation processes within the SAP B1 interface.

- Lenovo

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