Azure for media and entertainment
The intelligent cloud for content owners and creators.

Create content more quickly and collaborate from everywhere. Move your archives to the cloud cost effectively, then enrich your archives with Microsoft AI. Maximise engagement by delivering personalized content to millions of users with Azure.

Content creation

Meet your price and performance needs by rendering content more quickly and efficiently with Avere vFXT for Azure, Azure Batch Rendering, and virtual machines (VMs). Edit and collaborate with flexibility using Avid Media Composer, hosted on GPU-enabled VMs running on Nexis Storage in Azure.

Content management

Optimise cost and performance by securing your archives and freeing up existing resources with a cloud platform that seamlessly stores content at the right tier. Eliminate the need for costly data integrity checks with built-in asset fixity and durability.

Content distribution and monetisation

Package, protect, and deliver your content using Azure Media Services—the cloud media platform used to stream multiple Olympic Games to millions of online viewers. Reach more people with the flexibility of Azure Content Delivery Network and increase engagement by using Azure Cognitive Services Personalizer and Video Indexer.

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