SAP Business One for Project Management:
The Comprehensive Solution for SMEs

Embrace the full potential of SAP Business One ERP software to eliminate the need for disparate solutions and manage your projects within a unified system. This integration not only eradicates data duplication but also ensures a consistent and up-to-date data pool, offering real-time insights into budgets and costs.


Key Advantages of Integrated Project Management:

  • Centralized Management: Oversee transactions, resources, and activities all in one place.
  • Informed Decision Making: Provides a solid foundation for management decisions.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Increases adaptability within your organization.
  • Improved Data Quality and Accessibility: Ensures higher quality data is available when you need it.
  • Boosted Efficiency and Customized Quality: Enhances efficiency, tailored quality, and customer service.
  • Competitive Edge: Strengthens your market position.

Discover how integrating project management with SAP Business One can transform your business operations, streamline processes, and elevate your competitive advantage with Ingold Solutions.

SAP Business One:
Streamlined and Affordable Project Management for SMEs

SAP Business One provides small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with an efficient and cost-effective project management solution, positioning itself as an attractive alternative to existing add-ons. For businesses with a project-based approach, this offers the perfect solution.

  • Learn more about project management within the SBO standard
  • Discover Ingold Solutions and our services

Find out how SAP Business One, in conjunction with Ingold Solutions, can transform project management in your business, ensuring more streamlined processes and cost savings.


Streamlined Project Management with SBO Standard: SAP Business One as an ERP Solution for SMEs

SAP Business One serves as an integrated ERP solution for SMEs, offering comprehensive project management capabilities within the SBO Standard. This end-to-end software solution is distinguished by cost transparency and mobile data access. With its Web and Mobile Client, you can access business processes and system data anytime, anywhere via smartphone or the internet.

Key features of the standard project management functionalities include:

  • Comprehensive project and master data management
  • Supportive billing assistants for efficient project execution
  • Detailed evaluations and reports for informed decision-making
  • Unified management of business partners
  • Instant cost transparency at the push of a button

Discover how SBO Standard with SAP Business One can revolutionize and streamline your project management efforts.

Ingold Solutions: Your SAP Business One
Project Management Solution for SMEs

Ingold Solutions empowers small businesses to manage their projects more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our solution offers:

  • Significant cost reduction and time savings in project execution
  • Strict adherence to contractual and internal milestones
  • Strategic resource planning for optimal utilization
  • Accurate tracking of time and travel expenses
  • Early detection of deviations from plans
  • Comprehensive project controlling for insight-driven management
  • Enhanced collaboration among all project stakeholders
  • Achievement of goals in line with project specifications

The SAP Business One project management solution is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of SMEs and service companies engaged in project business. It covers the entire project workflow – from planning, data entry, approval, and invoicing to financial analysis – all integrated under a unified interface.

Authorized users of SAP Business One project management always have access to the latest information, ensuring informed decisions and project success.

SAP Business One Project Management:
Central Control and Efficiency

Experience a new level of project management with SAP Business One, offering centralized management of all project data. This comprehensive ERP solution features complete master data management including employees, items, and contracts, making planning, calculation, updating, management, and billing of projects more efficient. Authorized users gain direct access to all relevant information and linked data, facilitating seamless transitions between documents like invoices and project contracts and ensuring cost transparency.

Benefits at a Glance:

Direct Access to All Project Data

Planning, calculation, and management based on comprehensive data.

Efficient Calculation and Quote Management

Utilize resource pools for accurate pre-calculations and quotes, integrated into CRM functionalities for optimized customer care.

Detailed Project Planning

From quote planning to fine-tuning, supported by GANTT charts for visual planning processes.

Flexible and Graphically Supported Adjustments

Easy planning variants modification through drag-and-drop in GANTT planning, including visual representation of project phases and resource allocation.

Seamless Data Exchange

Bidirectional synchronization of planning data and resource assignments through a customizable import/export interface.

Phase-Based Purchasing

Optimize the procurement process specifically for each project phase, from quotation requests to booking goods receipt invoices. The integration of external employee services into invoice verification ensures a seamless match.

Precise Performance Tracking for Project Employees

Employees log their work hours on assigned projects. Authorized personnel can perform time tracking for employees without direct system access. These processes support various work models and consider individual work time rules and holidays, accurately assigning project-related material and labor costs.

Accurate Billing Including Travel Expenses

Services rendered and costs incurred are approved for billing by the project manager. An assistant facilitates billing according to various criteria such as date, periodicity, or fixed price. Transferred data generates open items in accounting, and travel expenses are forwarded to employees for reimbursement after review.

Internal and External Chargebacks

Charging of services and travel expenses is done both internally among profit centers and externally among different company units, ensuring comprehensive and flexible cost control within the project.

Financial and Resource Overview

Maintain full visibility over finances and resources in all your projects with SAP Business One Project Management. Access detailed, customizable reports on key metrics like completion rates, contribution margins, project revenues, and employee hours – all just a click away. A specific authorization concept ensures that sensitive data is accessible only to authorized personnel.

Web Client for Maximum Flexibility

The Web Client allows location-independent access to comprehensive information, from contact details to sales documents and payment information, ideal for sales and project teams needing to access relevant data or confirm services on-site with clients.

Support Desk for Efficient Customer Service

The Support Desk module in the Web Client manages product inquiries and improvement suggestions. Support tickets are systematically recorded, prioritized, and tracked to completion. Processing times are directly visible in the system, enabling transparent and understandable billing. Customers can also submit support requests and check their status through a portal.

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