Clarifying a Misconception: SAP is Suitable for Small Businesses and Start-ups

There is often a misconception that SAP solutions are unaffordable and too complex for start-ups and small businesses. We counter this myth with the SAP Business One Starter Package, a tailor-made solution specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets of start-ups and small businesses. This streamlined entry-level solution is not only cost-effective but also scalable.

What Does the SAP Business One Starter Package Offer?

Targeted at start-ups and SMEs, the package is available from 45 Euros per user per month, inclusive of licenses and hosting. It encompasses:

Sales Management

Streamlining the Order-to-Cash proces

Purchasing Management

Efficient order processing with invoicing and billing

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Complete overview of your stocks

Financial Management

Including integration of banking transactions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Standard Interfaces, such as DATEV and Elster

Solutions at a Fixed Price

We offer solution packages based on pre-configured templates at a fixed price, which can be expanded to meet individual requirements. SAP Business One is available from a single user and can be quickly implemented – ideal for limited budgets.

Cost Structure of the
SAP Business One Starter Package

The monthly rent includes both licenses and hosting, and is:

45 €

per user in the first year

55 €

per user from the second year onwards

This rental structure avoids the need for a one-time purchase of licenses and includes hosting, eliminating the costs for server hardware acquisition. The model spreads the costs over the rental period and requires no high initial investments.

Flexibility and

The Starter Package offers flexibility as it can be upgraded to the full functionality of SAP Business One at any time. The existing database remains in use; only the user licenses need to be updated. This makes the entry into SAP Business One via the Starter Package a risk-free decision.

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