Ingold Makes Cloud
Business More Attractive for Partners

Ingold’s latest initiative is designed to enhance the appeal of cloud business for both current and new SAP partners. It aids in the establishment of a profitable cloud business model, resulting in better financial predictability and substantially lowering the risks that partners face in cloud distribution. This enables our partners to concentrate exclusively on meeting the growing cloud demands of their valued clients. The initiative guarantees consistent revenue streams, maintaining financial stability throughout the ongoing customer and partner relationships.

  • Boost Your Revenue

    Thanks to our cloud pricing model, you can generate continuous and monthly additional income from your existing and new customers – all without incurring additional costs. Start earning money from the first customer in ongoing operations.

  • Transparency in Our Pricing

    At Ingold Solutions, you can expect a transparent pricing model with no hidden costs. This enables you to quickly create tailored offers for your customers.

  • Full Add-on Functionality

    All cloud-enabled SAP Business One add-ons are fully compatible with our premium private cloud environment. This allows you to better meet the individual needs of your customers and fully exploit the potential of SAP Business One.

  • Always Up-to-Date

    Your customers will always have access to the latest version of SAP Business One, which offers numerous improvements in core functions, a revised design, and an intuitive user interface.

  • Leverage Ingold Solutions' Comprehensive Expertise to Your Advantage

    Our highly qualified team at Ingold Solutions has extensive experience in all areas of SAP Business One Cloud. Benefit from our expert knowledge.

Delivering Comprehensive Cloud Services

We provide an extensive array of services, encompassing everything from the initial deployment to application and infrastructure management, along with maintenance, support, and software updates. This ensures that your customers consistently have access to the most advanced technologies available through our offerings.

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