Minimise credit risks with state-of-the-art Creditsafe integration

Do you check the financial stability of your potential partner before getting into a partnership? A seamless integration of Creditsafe with SAP Business One Platform enables SAP Business One users to fetch all the key financial data, valuable insights, and actionable intelligence in real time.

Ingold Solutions Creditsafe API SAP Business One enables enterprises to automate and optimise the data flow and credit referencing process. It not only reduces the probability of scoring bad debts but also helps companies to maintain profitability.

  • Creditsafe’s data drives over 1.06 million business decisions every day
  • We help predict up to 70% of bankruptcies up to 12 months in advance

Creditsafe API and SAP Business One Integration - Business Benefits

  • Fetch real-time financial data straight from Creditsafe's global database directly into your SAP Business One application.
  • Get regular updates on credit ratings and limits and automate credit control policy with consistent decisions through SAP Business One application.
  • Stay updated about any sort of changes in the financial data of the client/partner directly within your SAP Business One application. This can be set up for individual portfolio managers.
  • Ensure data quality with up-to-the information related to the trading name, company VAT number, and accounts details in real time. Creditsafe refreshes its data 5 million times a day to ensure the delivery of up-to-the-minute information.
  • Create new records in your SAP Business One environment, based on the information in the Creditsafe global database. It reduces the potential risks of manual errors.
  • Continuously monitor each process, so that if there’s any data updation at the partner/client’s end, SAP Business One users will get an alert. Synchronise business information reports in your SAP Business One environment. 99.9% of company reports requested by our customers are delivered instantly online.
  • Search Creditsafe ’s Global Database of 365 million businesses and 290 million directors from over 160 countries before you go for a partnership with clients.

SAP Business One & Creditsafe Integration Capabilities

Discover how the integration can help your business.

  • Automatic notifications and alerts
  • Automated reports & documentation
  • Data integration and synchronisation
  • Human interaction & Workflow
  • Automated monitoring of events
  • Portfolio management
  • Managing profit & lost statements and balance sheets for previous years
  • Managing mortgage details

Users can directly fetch the list of companies based on the search criteria from Creditsafe database.

Creditsafe -> SAP Business One

Displays the PDF format of company reports from Creditsafe.

Creditsafe -> SAP Business One

Users can create Business Partner based on the Creditsafe report fetched from Creditsafe database using the integration.

Creditsafe -> SAP Business One

Users can update Business Partner based on the Creditsafe reports fetched from Creditsafe database using the integration. Updated report will be attached the Business Partner Master data as a attachment.

Creditsafe -> SAP Business One

Users can receive automated email notification in case there’s any trigger of events in the monitored companies.

SAP Business One-> Creditsafe

User can select/update the events which he wants to monitor in the selected portfolio.

SAP Business One-> Creditsafe

User can select/update the companies which he wants to monitor in the selected portfolio.

SAP Business One-> Creditsafe

All the changed events data can be saved and updated in Business Partner Master and user will receive the email notification regarding the change of events.

Creditsafe -> SAP Business One

Seamlessly discover global group linkages and shareholders with SAP Business One & Creditsafe integration

With an integrated system, you can get the details of global group linkages directly updated to your SAP Business One database. It’s easier to get insights of the ownership structure and corporate networks of the companies you are doing business with. Also, you can check the corporate linkages of your shareholders and reveal a global view of the credit and financial status of your associates and clients.

What you can achieve

Creditsafe and SAP Business One integration will enable enterprises to have benefits from:

  • Reduced probability of credit risks
  • Elimination of manual process of credit referencing and data validation
  • Implementation of your exact business rules and procedures
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved accuracy of business data

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