Ingold Solutions created an advanced SAP Business One add-on for German market, which was presented in SAP SME Innovation Program and allows you now to access online banking accounts and make payments from a single interface. With Multi-Bank Connector for SAP Business One, you benefit from the effective automation of bank transactions as well as the direct import and easy reconciliation of bank statements.

For companies that generate payment files using their SAP Business One system, it is a logical step to integrate a strong automated interface to their banks. This is the only efficient way to exchange data with the banks and significantly improve the processing of payments. Of course, any solution must protect the payment process from manipulation and guarantee the integrity of the data, its authenticity (legitimacy of source) and its confidentiality.

The Ingold Solutions add-on successfully connects you to all relevant banks in Germany via a consistent interface and is therefore the perfect solution for both small and medium-sized companies as well as for enterprises.

Business Benefits -
Multi-Bank API and
SAP Business One Integration

Increase control, efficiency, and transparency

Connect businesses with financial institutions

Boost the reliability of your banking network

Secure Multi-Bank and Multi-Corporate connectivity

Time savings and up-to-date financial data

Reduce duplication of work in ERP and Banking platform

Integration functions of
SAP Business One and Multi-Bank

Link SAP Business One House Banks with the Multi-Bank system

Onboarding process

Supplier Payments – During the outgoing payment, the integration creates the payment medium and sends the payment instruction to Multi-Bank API

Bank Reconciliations – Receive bank statements from financial institutions/banks automatically with seamless integration and make it easier for reconciliations

SEPA Transfer request – to post a payment in the banking system

you can achieve

Real-time data sync between banks and SAP Business One
  • Eliminate the manual work of payments in SAP B1 and Bank system.
  • Increase the productivity of users.
  • Increase the accuracy of financial data.

Designed for European Banking Accounts

Bank Account Compatibility

Multibanking is ideal for companies with bank accounts in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, ensuring full utilization of its advanced features.

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