SAP Business One HANA

Run your SME smarter, faster and simpler with SAP Buisness One HANA

SAP Business One HANA
With the SAP Business One® version for SAP HANA®, you can instantly analyze growing volumes of data and gain the benefits of fast application performance without complicating your IT landscape. And with embedded analytics and high-performance apps, you can understand your growing business like never before.
SAP S4 Hana


  • Harness the power of SAP HANA to improve performance and agility while lowering IT costs
  • Analyze growing volumes of data instantly to streamline business processes and improve decision making
  • Run your business on a single, affordable enterprise solution that will scale as your business grows
SAP S4 Hana introduction


  • Real-time analytics that can crunch through all of your SAP Business One data in seconds
  • New functionality enabling high-performance dashboards and reporting as well as real-time inventory, order management, and cash-flow visibility
  • Single software platform that simplifies IT administration
Run your growing business smarter, faster and simpler with SAP Buisness One version for HANA
SAP Business One HANA Benefits
SAP S4 Hana vorteile
Dramatically improved responsiveness of planning, sales, production, and financial processes
SAP Hana 4
Faster business insight for better decision making with more predictable outcomes
SAP Hana einführung
Reduced IT ownership costs
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