Revolutionize Your E-Commerce with Ingold Solutions SAP Business One Integration

Embark on a transformative journey with Ingold Solutions SAP Business One - Magento integration, specifically designed to cater B2C platforms. Starting from just 100 EUR per month, our solution is not only cost-effective but also a powerhouse of efficiency and seamless operations.

Seamless SAP Business One and Magento Integration for Ultimate Business Efficiency

At Ingold Solutions, we bridge the gap between SAP Business One ERP and Magento's dynamic e-commerce platforms. Our specialized integration facilitates unparalleled synchronization between your ERP system and Magento B2C sites. This means more streamlined operations, improved customer experiences, and enhanced data accuracy, all vital for e-commerce success.

Why Choose Ingold Solutions SAP Business One - Magento Integration?

Optimized for B2C

Tailored to support Magento B2C sites, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Affordable Pricing

Get the premium integration service starting at only 100 EUR per month.

Error Reduction

Our integration minimizes manual data entry errors, enhancing data integrity and reliability.

Real-Time Data Sync

Automated processes for real-time updates, keeping your business and customers informed.

Business Growth Support

Designed to manage the complexities of growing businesses, adaptable to your evolving needs.

Key Features of Our
SAP Business One - Magento Integration

Direct Connector

Synchronizes critical data like Business Partners, Stock Item Data, Sales Orders, and Service Calls.

Enhanced Operational Control

Maintain oversight of daily operations with our efficient, direct integration.

Automated Cron Processes

Ensure that the latest data is always at your fingertips, updated in real-time.

Eliminate Data Discrepancies

Say goodbye to inconsistencies that can hinder your business processes.

Key Features of the Integration

Customer Integration

  • New Customer Synchronization: Seamlessly integrate new customer accounts, contact details, billing, and shipping addresses into SAP Business One's Business Partner Master Data.
  • Existing Customer Updates: Automatically update details of existing online customers in SAP Business One in real-time.

Pricing and Discounts

  • Price List Synchronization: Synchronize item prices between SAP Business One and Magento eCommerce.
  • Period and Volume Discounts: Implement period and volume discounts from SAP directly in your online store.

Item Master Data Management

  • Diverse Category Listing: Display SAP Business One items in your e-commerce store across categories like simple, configurable, bundled, grouped, downloadable, and virtual.
  • Easy Product Download: Import existing online store products directly from SAP Business One Item Master records.
  • Accurate Inventory Tracking: Maintain real-time inventory levels in your e-commerce store with updates from SAP Business One.

Sales Order Synchronization

  • Orders from Online Customers: Instantly convert Magento sales orders from online customers into SAP Business One Sales Orders.
  • Orders from Guest Customers: Transform orders placed by guest customers into SAP Business One Sales Orders.
  • Consistent Order Value: Maintain uniform order values across both Magento and ERP systems through the Ingold Magento Connector, which seamlessly synchronizes discounts.

Your Partner in E-Commerce Excellence

Ingold Solutions is committed to providing a top-notch SAP Business One - Magento integration that empowers B2C e-commerce platforms. Our solution is designed to streamline your operations, reduce errors, and support your growth in the competitive digital marketplace.

Get Started Today

Join the ranks of successful businesses that have leveraged Ingold Solutions SAP Business One - Magento integration. Starting at just 100 EUR per month, transform your e-commerce operations and take a leap towards operational excellence.

SAP B1 Direction Magento
Customer Groups Magento to SAP B1 Customer Groups
Customer Master Data Magento to SAP B1 Customers
Attribute Set Master Magento to SAP B1 Attribute Set Master
Attribute Master Magento to SAP B1 Attribute Master
Category Master Magento to SAP B1 Categories
Simple Item Master SAP B1 to Magento Simple Product
Configurable Item Master SAP B1 to Magento Configurable Product
Period Discount SAP B1 to Magento Special Price
Volume Discount SAP B1 to Magento Tier Price
Sales Order Magento to SAP B1 Order
Price List SAP B1 to Magento Price List
Inventory Data SAP B1 to Magento Inventory

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