Recent times have underscored the essential need for resilient IT infrastructure in businesses. An advanced cloud solution like Microsoft Azure enables agile and efficient responses to market changes, ensuring constant optimal IT support. With a broad range of services, Microsoft Azure offers solutions for various applications. Discover the possibilities Azure brings to you.

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Microsoft Public Cloud

Azure by Microsoft provides a versatile cloud platform offering a comprehensive spectrum of IaaS and PaaS services.

Managed Cloud Services

Transitioning to the cloud involves several phases – Ingold Solutions is your trusted partner throughout this journey.

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Leverage Microsoft Azure for Business Success

Adopting a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure offers critical advantages: enhanced security, improved reliability, and unmatched flexibility compared to traditional on-premises server solutions. A unique feature of Microsoft Azure is its pay-for-what-you-use pricing model. This cloud platform ensures you always benefit from the latest technologies and systems while reducing the burden of IT routine tasks. This allows you to focus entirely on your core business and make optimal use of your IT resources.

Extensive Azure Cloud Services

With over 100 cloud services, Microsoft's Azure platform sets standards in diversity and flexibility. It spans essential infrastructure services like virtual machines, computing power, and network solutions, development tools like App Services, DevOps, and testing environments, to advanced offerings in database management, storage solutions, and cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Mixed Reality.

Global Network

Azure is supported by a comprehensive global network of data centers, spanning over 60 regions in nearly 140 countries. This vast coverage brings applications and users worldwide closer together, allowing a rich configuration of regions and services within the Azure portal, including service availability by region.

Data Storage Location Choice

Choose your data storage location, whether in Germany, Europe, or globally. Thanks to Microsoft's extensive network, you can utilize Azure services in your preferred region, adhering to the availability of specific cloud services by data center region. Microsoft Cloud Services support EU standard contractual clauses for free data movement, with Azure services also available in new German data centers offering local data storage.

Cost Control

Benefit from scalable Azure services and billing based on your actual usage. Flexibly adjust Azure infrastructure and platform services to your needs, increasing availability as demand grows and converting capital expenses into predictable operational costs.

Secure Connections

With ExpressRoute, enjoy a private, secure, and direct connection to the Microsoft Cloud, bypassing public internet traffic. This solution ensures high reliability and minimal latency, integrating with Managed IT Services and other Ingold network solutions.

Certified Security and Compliance

Microsoft Azure represents the highest standards of security, privacy, and compliance, supported by an extensive portfolio of certifications, including C5, ISO 27001, FEPRA, and ISO/IEC 27701. Choose a cloud solution that meets your security and privacy requirements.

Ingold Solutions, as your partner for cloud computing, Managed IT Services, and Microsoft Azure services, supports you in optimally utilizing the cloud platform and Azure cloud to drive your business's digital transformation.

Ingold Solutions – Your Competent Microsoft Partner

As a recognized Microsoft Partner, Ingold Solutions possesses extensive expertise and years of experience in Microsoft products. Our team of skilled cloud experts provides comprehensive service covering all aspects of your digital transformation. This includes delivering optimal network solutions, professional advice on digitalization strategies and cloud solutions in English, support for transitioning to the cloud, and ongoing maintenance of your cloud infrastructure. Rely on our expertise to fully leverage cloud technology benefits.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Managed Services for Azure Cloud

Ingold Solutions provides customized packages for connecting to Microsoft Azure, covering all necessary services for secure operation of Azure Cloud services. We take full responsibility if desired, from setup to ongoing support.

Expand Your IT Infrastructure into the Cloud

With Microsoft Azure, you can flexibly extend your IT infrastructure into the cloud. This allows for highly available, scalable, and secure delivery of a wide range of IT services – from virtual machines and computing resources to backup, disaster recovery, as well as network and storage solutions.

Optimal Support for Your Applications

Microsoft Azure offers a broad array of Platform-as-a-Service solutions for your applications. From security services and mobile applications to cloud databases, Azure supports the expansion of existing or the development of new applications with a comprehensive range of cloud services.

High-Performance SAP Environments in the Microsoft Cloud

Benefit from the powerful, cost-efficient, and deeply integrated execution of your SAP applications on Microsoft Azure. Ingold Solutions assists in the standardized deployment and managed service for SAP on the Azure cloud platform, including design, transformation, and operation.

Unlock New Solutions with Microsoft Azure

The Azure cloud platform continuously expands with new cloud services to incorporate innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things (IoT) into your applications. Discover the opportunities Microsoft Azure presents for your business today and in the future.

Microsoft Azure – Your Gateway

Our informative video guides you through the optimal use of Microsoft Azure tailored to your specific needs. Highlighting customer examples, we cover key topics such as "Lift and Shift" migration, Azure Backup, Site Recovery, web hosting, managing development and test environments, security strategies, access management, and Machine Learning. Discover how Microsoft Azure can efficiently support your business processes.

Transition to Microsoft Azure Cloud with Ingold Solutions

Integrating cloud services and transitioning your IT infrastructure, processes, applications, and data to the cloud brings numerous benefits. Transitioning to the cloud involves several crucial phases, and Ingold Solutions is your ideal Microsoft partner for this journey. Explore with us how Microsoft Azure can make your business processes more efficient and flexible.

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Introduction to Microsoft Azure – Your Cloud Computing Platform What is Microsoft Azure?

Was ist Microsoft Azure?

As a leading cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure offers businesses a diverse and ever-expanding array of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solutions. These include cloud services for the development, deployment, and management of applications. Microsoft Azure's extensive range encompasses IaaS services like virtual machines, networking solutions, serverless computing, and storage options, as well as PaaS services, including security solutions (like Azure Active Directory and Azure Firewall), SQL and NoSQL databases, Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and container services (including Kubernetes and Docker). With Azure, Microsoft positions itself as a leading provider in the cloud computing market, distinguished by scalability and continual innovation to offer future-ready solutions. Leverage Microsoft Azure through Ingold Solutions at attractive conditions. Benefit from our English-speaking support and secure a cloud solution tailored precisely to your needs.

Microsoft Azure, with its broad range of cloud services, caters to a wide audience—from small startups to large corporations. The platform provides essential infrastructure services like virtual machines, computing services, and networking solutions, various development tools like App Services, DevOps, and testing environments, as well as data management and storage solutions. Moreover, Azure covers forward-thinking technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Mixed Reality. Microsoft Azure, with its IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings, supports businesses in nearly any application area. The rapid deployment and scalability of resources are crucial for developing and operating evaluation and production environments that can be flexibly adjusted to changing requirements. This not only enables efficient IT operations but also optimizes IT costs since payments are made only for the resources actually used. Thus, Microsoft Azure is ideally suited for businesses of any size and industry. Security and Compliance Security, privacy, and compliance are critical factors for businesses considering transitioning to the cloud. Microsoft Azure meets current legal requirements for data protection and security and offers high compliance standards, evidenced by an extensive certification portfolio. Certifications include, among others, the C5 catalog, ISO 27001, FEPRA, and ISO/IEC 27701, which also consider specific industry standards in finance and healthcare. A common question regarding the transition to the cloud concerns the location of data storage. Microsoft Azure utilizes a global network of data centers, spanning over 60 regions and around 140 countries, to offer a wide range of over 200 cloud services. Detailed information on the data storage locations for Azure services can be found in the FAQs on this page. For comprehensive information on data protection in Microsoft Azure, please visit this page.

General Terms and Conditions for IT Services Supplementary Terms for Microsoft Online Services Service Description for Microsoft Azure These documents are available for download Additionally, specific agreements directly between the customer and Microsoft apply: Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) Microsoft Product Terms Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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