Exchange Electronic Invoices with Your Business Partners
Simplify and accelerate the processing of invoices, credit notes, advance invoices, down payment bills and exchange them with suppliers, customers, and authorities electronically.


Thanks to the possibility of exchanging invoices, credit notes, etc. electronically, the workload in accounting has reduced drastically as invoices no longer have to be entered manually. Immediately after processing, the completed SAP drafts can be checked and posted directly.


Electronic transmission and automatic processing allow for invoices and credit notes to be made available to the recipient and process immediately.

Ingold Solutions is an SAP Silver Partner, and a partner of CK solution. We deliver refined, continuous, and smart assistance to enterprises and businesses for their CKS.eINVOICE SAP Business One® services.
Send Electronic Invoices in Various Ways
There are different ways to transmit electronic invoices. Generally, the recipient decides how to receive electronic invoices. CKS.eINVOICE offers all the usual ways. The settings are individually defined for each business partner.


Email is the easiest way to send invoices directly from SAP Business One® as attachments.


In certain cases, it is essential to exchange electronic invoices via Peppol. Because of this, a connection to an Access Point is necessary.


CKS.eINVOICE allows files to be uploaded via FTP manually or in combination with CKS.RUN and can also be automated directly after booking or at a certain time.


With CKS.eINVOICE you can automate the receipt and dispatch of invoices as far as possible with CKS.RUN.

Turn Electronic Invoices into Completed SAP Drafts

CKS.eINOVICE enables you to process incoming electronic invoices, credit notes, advance and down payment invoices. All you need to do is simply import the file via your inbox into SAP Business One®. After recogniSing that the document is electronic, CKS.eINVOICE immediately creates a SAP draft with all the information contained in the document.

Auto Archive Electronic Invoices

CKS.eINVOICE automatically archives all outgoing and incoming electronic invoices audit-proof. Both the XML and PDF files are linked to the SAP process and stored digitally. These files can be found and reproduced at any time. As a when a change is made to an invoice, a revised invoice is immediately auto generated and archived electronically.

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