Remote team management often comes with a security threat for most companies. The greatest problem related to outsourcing is data protection. For most business owners, the main reason behind keeping their software R&D in-house is to prevent security threats.
When it comes to ensuring safe outsourcing, Ingold Solutions brings you the best experience. We follow the industry best practices to deliver the most secure Data Confidentiality services.
Best practices for data breach prevention to safeguard your sensitive data.

Regulatory Compliance

Legal Backup

Physical Security


Administrative Measures


Security Audits

We Offer Safe and Reliable Outsourcing of Data Confidentiality

We, at Ingold Solutions, are dedicated to protecting your data. A reliable outsourcing company like ours build its security on three solid foundations:

Physical security
A well-protected office location and an action plan in any event of physical disasters.

Technological security
We possess appropriate hardware and software that are carefully put in place for data protection and protection from cyber-attacks. This includes firewall, intrusion detection and prevention systems, antiviral software, email filters, and Data Loss Prevention software. In today’s world, to follow the best practices, it is crucial to use security incident and event management software (SIEM) to monitor, in real-time, the entire company IT system for any suspicious activity.

Administrative security
Coherent security policy regulating system access, corporate emails, internet use, POLP, information protection, NDA agreements, and passwords to ward off classified information from being disclosed due to mere employee negligence. We will sign an NDA agreement with you, if you want. We ensure all project-related data stays concealed even after the project has long been completed.

We also regularly audit all integral parts of our corporate security system. We also promote security education initiatives within our employees to raise their skill level and general awareness about existing security threats.

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