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Content marketing is not selling but engaging with your audiences to attract and convert them into customers, influence behaviour, and raise awareness. At Ingold Solutions, our team specialises in creating remarkable content that helps you to connect with your audience. In this age of Big Data, when the most wonderful content pieces get lost in the noise, your marketing content needs to be compelling, unique, and have a true purpose.
Our Content is the backbone of our SEO, link-building, social media, and other marketing activities. It plays a vital role in Search Engine scoring, attracting links, buzz, and social sharing.

How our content marketing Team helps

At Ingold Solutions, our team consists of talented and experienced members who are passionate and love to produce creative content that gets noticed. Our content marketing team consists of writers, graphic designers, and video editors. We have experience in developing content strategies and content for both large, medium, and small-scale businesses.

Content strategy

Our team of experienced writers create content that blends creativity and strategy with effortless ease. Our entire team works with you to develop a content strategy built around your brand and objectives. We create content with the end-users in mind so that your target audience finds it valuable and gets influenced by it.

The audience, personas, and journey

To build a consistent content strategy, you need to first have a complete understanding of your target group and their various problems and aspirations. Our team will help you to create a prominent picture of your customers and personas to help you get that understanding.

Content production

Our remarkable creative team is passionate about creating exceptional content. Our writers, developers, and designers work with you through the entire content production process, be it video, graphic, blog post, or interactive items.


Content can only perform if people come to know of it. Our outreach team functions to connect your content and brand with journalists, bloggers, and other key online influencers to get your brand noticed.

Social promotion

Our team also provides knowledgeable advice on social strategy, reaching the target audience on the platforms that they use, and ensuring that influencers share your message.

How can Ingold Solutions help you?

Our pricing model, which is based on an estimated number of days to reach your marketing goal, is extremely competitive. You may want our team to help you with devising a content strategy from scratch or you may already have a content strategy that just requires refining. Either way, we can help you.

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