Get targeted Email Marketing Services to Promote Your Products/ Services
Personalisation is the key when you are targeting email marketing services to promote your products and services. At Ingold Solutions, we manage your day-to-day email campaigns to promote your business.
Our targeted email marketing services are designed to reach the right inbox with the right content at the right time. We help you plan and execute the best campaigns by email.
Our Email Marketing Services Include

Audience-Oriented Email Marketing

At Ingold Solutions, our team of experts first educate themselves on your audience and target the emails accordingly.

We further refine the process by distinguishing your customers into specific reader and buyer personas. With information such as website interaction, CRM data, recent purchases, location data, and prior campaign activities, we determine what content is ideal for which customer and when to send it.

This is how our end-to-end email marketing process looks like:

  • We create website content that helps you to build your email lists
  • We optimise your consent forms
  • We segment your audience
  • We devise a goal-driven campaign
  • We craft creative email copies that are captivating
  • We create polished email templates that are responsive
  • We conduct A/B testing, and
  • Finally, we measure the outcomes

Drip Campaign

Drip campaign takes targeted email marketing to the next level. In this type of campaign, pre-written emails are scheduled and delivered to specific recipients. The response of the receiver to those emails determines what email to send them next. It is a well-organised and automated form of targeted lead nurturing process with a well-defined end goal.

Lead Nurturing Emails

An email marketer always looks for opportunities to utilise a growing content library, limited-time offerings, and special events to engage with the leads. With the application of email marketing software, our experts will help you to craft one-off-lead nurturing emails to lend support to your other marketing initiatives.

Once the lead reaches the stage of requesting a demo, our email marketer will create a personalized sales email that will help you to cover the ultimate goal of the email marketing campaign.

Work With Our Team of Ambitious Digital Marketers
At Ingold Solutions, our proficiency lies in precision. We directly work with your team to increase your brand awareness, refine your target audiences, and reach them effectively. We aim and launch highly successful email marketing campaigns that are data-driven.

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