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Build multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C customers on a single platform. From catalog to payment to fulfillment, our future-proof technology gives you a commerce platform that’s endlessly flexible, extensible, and scalable.


With Ingold, the specialised Magento agency with experience in various B2B and B2C industries, you have found a strong and trusted partner for your Magento shop. Our team includes project managers, graphic designers, business administrators, creative thinkers, SEO specialists, and web developers. We accompany your Magento project from the initial concept to the turnkey online shop and beyond – offering Magento maintenance contracts and digital marketing services.

We are by your side in every phase of the project, starting with planning (design and concept), through setup (technical implementation and interface programming), and, if desired, maintenance (hosting and support), as well as online marketing (SEO, SEA, marketplace integration, and more).

Additionally, we can add individual services at any time allowing your Magento shop to grow – so experience it yourself.

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Benefits of Adobe Commerce

With Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, you’re supported by a global ecosystem of merchants, partners and developers. They’ll bring your vision to life and offer digital commerce solutions for every need. Benefits include:

  • Create rich experiences on desktop and mobile with easy drag-and-drop Page Builder.
  • Support multiple brands and sites across B2B and B2C with an endless aisle of inventory.  
  • Enjoy the latest software and security features with real-time updates in the cloud. 
  • Empower customers to buy from any channel or device and fulfil those orders in the same omnichannel way.  
  • Better understand your sales data with metrics around average order value and much more. 
  • Explore thousands of extensions to create a commerce platform that’s customised for you. 
  • Discover additional information regarding the services offered by a Magento agency.

Discover how Adobe Commerce is leading customer experience management

How Adobe Commerce is Different

We build experiences, not just shop fronts

Adobe Commerce has powerful tools to let you confidently launch, manage and scale your business, including the ability to host multiple instances on one platform and cloud deployment, while native integrations with Adobe products like Analytics, Target, Experience Manager and Creative Cloud help take personalisation to the next level.

A single platform for all your commerce

Whether you’re a B2B ready to go direct to consumer (D2C) or a B2C managing several brands in 10 different languages, Adobe Commerce lets you manage multiple sales channels and brands and expand into new countries, simply, from one platform.

Intelligence from industry-leading AI

Intelligent commerce, powered by Adobe Sensei AI, provides actionable data analysis and automates back-end workflows on everything from catalogue updates, site content creation, product recommendations, fulfilment and customer targeting and personalisation.

Rooted in omnichannel digital commerce

Omnichannel business is no longer an option. From laptop to smartphone to in-store, people want to buy what they want, from wherever they want, at the price they want. Our digital commerce platform offers the right products, services, and partners to help you achieve omnichannel success.

Solid foundations for global expansion

It’s time to invest in commerce operations abroad - but the idea can seem daunting. Launching an international digital commerce site can take up valuable time and resources and missteps can be costly. Drive global expansion with Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento.

Digital commerce designed for mobile

Mobile commerce is set to grow 68% by 2022, according to an eMarketer report. The future is mobile, and Adobe Commerce helps businesses build the foundations. Creating a fast and affordable mobile-ready site, for example, is critical for growth.

Migrating to Adobe Commerce 2

The demands of today’s shoppers strain the capabilities of yesterday’s digital commerce platforms. Now more than ever, a next-generation solution is needed to meet - and exceed - consumer expectations. Migrating to Adobe Commerce 2 will open up dramatic business potential for your Adobe Commerce 1 store.

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