Get Winning IT Help Desk Services and Support for Your Business
Ingold Solutions offers several exhaustive business IT services for all small, medium-sized, and large businesses. We provide full or part-time support desk services, application helpdesk support, customer service desk, or full-blown technical service resource centers. Irrespective of the type of service help desk functions you need, our team has the required potential to deliver you with a tailored turnkey solution that fulfils your specific needs.
Ingold Solutions is more than just a traditional IT support desk. Our qualified and experienced IT professionals deliver efficient solutions to provide immediate assistance to our customers — and our customer’s customers. We offer comprehensive IT consultancy services to all types of businesses with 24-hour help desk support.

IT Challenges Faced by Most Businesses

  • IT staff get bogged down solving issues from employees.
  • Members of the IT team pick unimportant company initiatives to deal with user complaints.
  • Hampering employee productivity due to outrages and slow networks.

Our IT Support and Helpdesk Services cover

  • On-site and remote support
  • Central European Time zones
  • Service Level Agreements guarantee Response and quick turnaround time
  • Years of experience
Benefits to your Business

Make Your Team Free

Thanks to the availability of go-to technical support, your business efficiency is improved, and the time spent by the staff solving technical problems is reduced.

Quicker Solution Times

The resolution process is much quicker than a software-based service, as it allows access to live support.

Access To An Experienced Team

Our team of IT professionals are trained in a wide arrangement of technologies and experienced to fix various kinds of problems.

Root Cause Analysis

Problem tracking enables you to pinpoint the pattern in recurring issues and root causes, resulting in a quicker resolution in the future.

IT Support Aligned To Your Organisation

Your assigned support personnel first understand your business needs and then train themselves according to your company goals.

Focus Staff On Unique Solutions

Reduced in-house IT staff allows you to deploy resources in a proper way and help meet your business goals and objectives. Ingold Solutions’ desk support staff resolves support issues quickly and efficiently. We’ve pioneered a unique support workflow that focuses on first-call resolution and rapid prioritization.

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