It not only saves you money and time, but you also get solutions from experienced IT experts

Our network support service covers your networks with high-end security. Be it a network issue or simply a check into network performance, our specialists are experienced in understanding the issue and finding apt solutions immediately.

We are experts in security and networking. Our engineers and architects design, secure and manage your digital infrastructure. Together we create a secure and connected foundation for your organisation or enterprise.

Our Network Support Solutions are Tailored to Your Needs

Network management

Like to set up a new network? We will help you with the entire installation with full functionality. We ensure optimal availability and performance, take care of maintenance and updates, and security. We prevent faults through proactive management.

Network administration

Effective network administration is a success factor for companies. Our network administration takes care of your network design, hardware and software installation, configuration and takes care of monitoring and maintenance.


With our network support you automatically have maximum protection against a wide range of server risks.

Remote monitoring

In the event of faults or disruptions, fast response times are crucial for mitigating (productivity) losses. Remote monitoring in network support is therefore particularly effective. We monitor your network continuously and immediately become aware of emerging problems. This enables us to remedy faults with extremely fast response times.

Professional Reporting

Get performance reports of your network that include data for every connected device, utilisation of capacities (processors, storage and interfaces), documentation on speed of data transmission and much more. .

Our Continuous Services and Support Will Bring You Peace of Mind
Ingold Solutions’ expert consultants will offer comprehensive outsourced IT support that not only reduces your expense but also controls your stress. At the same time, it also helps in enhancing your business productivity and efficiency.

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