Business Benefits – Multi-Bank API and SAP Business One Integration

  • Increase control, efficiency, and transparency
  • Connect businesses with financial institutions
  • Boost the reliability of your banking network
  • Secure Multi-Bank and Multi-Corporate connectivity
  • Time savings and up-to-date financial data
  • Reduce duplication of work in ERP and Banking platform

Integration functions of SAP Business One and Multi-Bank

  • Link SAP Business One House Banks with the Multi-Bank system
  • Onboarding process
  • Supplier Payments – During the outgoing payment, the integration creates the payment medium and sends the payment instruction to Multi-Bank API
  • Bank Reconciliations – Receive bank statements from financial institutions/banks automatically with seamless integration and make it easier for reconciliations
  • SEPA Transfer request – to post a payment in the banking system

What you can achieve

  • Real-time data sync between banks and SAP Business One
  • Eliminate the manual work of payments in SAP B1 and Bank system
  • Increase the productivity of users
  • Increase the accuracy of financial data

Module Screens:

One-time activity needed to modify the database structure.

Path: Multi-Bank > Data Structure

One-time activity to onboard the customer in a Multi-Bank environment.

Path: Multi-Bank > Onboarding

One Time activity to link SAP B1 House Banks with the Multi-Bank environment.

Path: Multi-Bank > House Bank

The output of the payment wizard is converted into payments in SAP and using SEPA transfer payments are generated in Bank systems.

Path: Banking > Payment Wizard

This allows the client to import the Bank statement for a given date range and manage the reconciliations easily.

Path: Banking > Bank Statements and External Processing > Bank Statement Processing

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