Newsletter Management Services To Keep Your Audience Updated
Email Newsletters are a type of email that let you notify your audience of the latest updates, tips, or news about your company or products. It may be a promotion of new products, a weekly digest of content, or a quarterly organisational update, however, there is no limit to what you can include in newsletters.
With Ingold Solutions, you get insightful newsletter management services that drive extraordinary results.
How to Develop an Email Marketing Solution for Your Brand
Email marketing strategies are multi-faceted and need a lot of preplanning to make them a success.

Select An Email Service Provider
Email Service Provider or ESP email marketing software enables businesses to forward emails in bulk. It also lets you store, collect, and organise the contact information of the recipient.

Build A Mailing List
Next to selecting ESP, you will require a list of contacts to whom you can send your email message. Through the strategic use of attractive CTAs, customised webpage pop-ups and newsletter subscriptions, you can quickly create an email list. Another effective way to get people to sign up for your email newsletter is to keep gated content such as eBooks and informative white papers on your website.

Design Attractive Email Templates
As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression; it is important that your emails look attractive to make a good impact on the readers. Every brand is different, so your email design should be tailor-made to represent the uniqueness of your brand.

Write Captivating Email Copy
Our industry-focused writers will include the best practices of email marketing to create organic email copy tailor-made for your audience. We base the content on personas made for specific subscribers to leverage the benefit of personalization. The tone and style to the structure of the content is customised to suit your unique requirements that encourage higher open and click-through rates.

Develop An Email Marketing Strategy
Our email marketing strategy includes more than just creating a mail list and compelling email messages. We also consider what type of email should be included and analyse what each one is used for. The email you choose vastly depends on what you wish to convey. The different types of emails that we include in your marketing strategy are:

  • Email newsletters
  • Transactional emails
  • Welcome emails
  • Sales or promotional emails

When to deploy your emails?

Any type of email you choose must be strategically used and deployed only when it is appropriate. Many popular ESPs give you the opportunity to send follow-up emails. You can also create emails with dynamic content such that the readers see content that is specifically designed for them.

At Ingold Solutions, our email marketing experts determine the right time to forward the email to the recipient by closely studying the behaviour and expectations of your target audience. We will help you to choose triggers that are best suited for your brand and use them in your email marketing strategy.

Why Ingold Solutions?
Email marketing is one of the most powerful lead generation tools available. With Ingold Solutions’ email marketing services you will be able to make the utmost utilisation of this influential yet complex medium. Our carefully designed email marketing strategy will help you to raise your brand recognition, improve inbound marketing outcomes and drive conversions that are most crucial for your organisation.
Our team is composed of a content marketing strategist, project manager and content writer, designer and consultant who work together to manage every aspect of your email campaigns.

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