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Affordable SAP Business One® solutions

What is SAP Business One®
A single, affordable solution to manage your entire small business – from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships to reporting and analytics.
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Gain greater control over your business or subsidiary with SAP Business One. Streamline key processes, gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information – so you can drive profitable growth.

  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Integrated business intelligence
  • Integration with the SAP HANA platform
  • Quick deployment

SAP Business One Trial Version

With the SAP B1 trial version, you can try it for free.

  • Minimise operational costs and optimise operations
  • Host your SAP Business One on a secure Cloud
  • Finally, decide on the package you want to take

Pricing Packages for SAP Business One

The pricing packages for SAP B1 are transparent. We have divided them in the following categories.

  • Implementation costs
  • Licensing costs
  • Costs for maintenance

Discover how SAP Business One® helps your SME

Achieve greater control over business-critical operations - all from a single platform
SAP Business One silver partner
Financial Management
SAP Business One preise
Sales & Customer Management
SAP Business One schulung
Purchasing & Inventory Management
SAP Business One Tabellen übersicht
Production Planning
sap business one partner deutschland
Business Intelligence
leading SAP Business One partner
Analytics & Reporting
SAP Business One Partner München
Industry Specific Capabilities
SAP Business One Partner portal

SAP Business One Version 10.0

With version 10.0 you get more than an enhancement

  • Intelligent ERP and process automation through elements such as machine learning and IoT
  • Version 10 focuses on user experience, with new styles (new user interface)
  • Improved Cloud Deployment
  • HANA 2.0 provides advanced analysis functions

Starter package

Smart and affordable ERP package with enterprise-ready features for SMEs

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Multi-model database that stores data in its memory instead of keeping it on a disk

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Intelligent process automation across your end-to-end business processes on Cloud

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