Ingold Solutions and Bianco Evento Collaboration


Bianco Evento, a prestigious name in the European wedding industry since 2009, has partnered with Ingold Solutions to enhance their digital and operational capabilities. Recognised for their exquisite wedding attire and accessories, Bianco Evento sought to modernise their e-commerce and internal management systems. The collaboration involved developing a comprehensive solution using Magento Open Source for the website and integrating it seamlessly with SAP Business One to streamline various business processes.

Customer Request

Bianco Evento aimed to elevate their online presence and internal operation efficiency. Their specific requirements included:

  • A robust online platform suitable for both B2B and B2C transactions.
  • Enhanced sales, logistics, and purchasing functionalities within their internal systems.
  • Detailed reporting capabilities for various stakeholders, including sales and warehouse teams.
  • A seamless integration of their e-commerce platform with SAP Business One, using B1if 2.0 and Integration Framework.

Reference Result

Ingold Solutions successfully delivered a comprehensive solution that transformed Bianco Evento's operational and online business model. Key achievements include:

  • Sales Add-on for Sales Users: Customised solutions were implemented to streamline the sales process, making it more efficient and user-friendly for the sales team.
  • Logistic Add-on for Warehouse Team: The warehouse operations were optimised with a tailored logistic add-on, enhancing the efficiency of inventory management and order fulfilment.
  • Purchase Add-on for Purchase Team: The purchasing process was streamlined with a dedicated add-on, simplifying procurement and vendor management.
  • Crystal and Query Reports: Ingold Solutions developed a range of crystal and query reports, providing valuable insights for stakeholders, and aiding the sales and warehouse teams in decision-making.
  • Integrated B2B and B2C Online Shop/Platform: The synergy between SAP B1 and Magento was achieved using B1if 2.0 and Integration Framework, providing a seamless, efficient, and versatile online shopping experience for both B2B and B2C customers.

This collaboration between Ingold Solutions and Bianco Evento exemplifies innovative solutions in e-commerce and business process integration, setting a new standard in the wedding industry’s digital landscape.

Project Summary

  • Client

    Bianco Evento GmbH

  • Happy Since


  • Supervised by

    Ingold Solutions GmbH

  • Status


  • Services Used

    Magento Open Source for E-Commerce Website, SAP Business One Implementation, B1if 2.0 and Integration Framework

  • Focus Areas

    Sales Optimisation, Warehouse and Logistics Efficiency, Procurement and Purchasing Process, Enhanced Reporting and Analytics, Unified B2B and B2C Platform

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