Commercial Benefits of SAP Business One Sendinblue Integration

The smart connection aids in bilateral data transfer between Sendinblue and SAP Business One. It eliminates the need for repetitive and manual administrative tasks, while making email marketing seamless and hassle-free.

Companies with an integrated version of SAP Business One and Sendinblue as an email marketing tool can create and send mailings much faster and with fewer errors by integrating the two solutions. The ability to quickly and easily integrate Sendinblue's marketing processes into the SAP Sales Cloud solution further meshes the work of marketing and sales, thus helping to establish a holistic customer journey for customers.

Benefits of Sendinblue & SAP Business One Integration

Sendinblue’s integration with the ERP environment of SAP works as one of the key lead generation tools.

  • E-mail marketing
    Created in no time, personally designed and sent automatically: Inform, bind and sell newsletters.
  • SMS Marketing
    When it matters: Send SMS campaigns to your contacts and reach them quickly and directly. Chat Always be available to your customers with our convenient live website chat feature.
  • Mailbox
    Organize your teams with a common mailbox and keep track of the entire history of your customer communication.
  • CRM
    Contact management and communication in one place. Build strong customer relationships that last.
  • Marketing Automation
    Save time and resources. Automate your marketing and increase the performance of your campaigns.
  • Transaction mail
    Professional design, high commitment and ideal deliverability: Send messages fully automatically after each transaction.
  • Landing pages
    Bring customers and prospects to landing pages that perform really well.
  • Registration forms
    Collect contacts. And definitely legally secure. You are sure to be successful with our registration forms.
  • Facebook Ads
    Reach even more potential customers and increase your sales in no time.
  • Segmentation
    Play out content and offers to exactly the target groups for which they are interesting and thus optimize your conversion rates.
  • Opening and click rate tracking
    Detailed tracking in real time: Track the performance of your campaigns anytime, anywhere.
  • Heat map
    Where do people click, how do they react? Learn in thanks to heat maps. how your readers and recipients read your newsletters.
  • A/B tests
    Perform better with two A/B tests: Test two variants against each other and send the one that works better.
  • Real-time statistics
    Consistent performance through constant tracking: Stay up-to-date and track your campaigns in real time.

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