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Cloud computing is a subscription-based service that provides on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications, etc. It is commonly hosted by the supplier and provided over the Internet. These services can be quickly provisioned and released with minimum transition services and management effort. Cloud services are outsourced in the absence of a single dedicated data center. There are different service models and deployment methods in cloud computing that provide a customer with varying levels of control, management, and flexibility.
Service Models of Cloud Computing
In cloud-based outsourcing, there are four primary service models:


It provides software applications that are hosted by a supplier and made available to customers via the Internet.


It provides an outsourced platform, hosted by a supplier, and enables customers to develop, test, and manage web applications.


It provides virtualised computer resources on a pay-per-usage basis over the Internet.


It provides virtual desktops that are hosted by a supplier and can be accessed from anywhere with the help of the Internet.

Cloud-based outsourcing is alluring for information services as it offers greater flexibility and economy. Ingold Solutions offers low-cost, flexible, and customised cloud solutions that meet the requirements of the client.
Cloud Computing Deployment Models by Ingold Solutions
Cloud deployment models constitute a particular type of cloud environment primarily distinguished by ownership, access, and size. Each deployment model has different degrees of data security, investment, and risk. Different Cloud Computing Deployment Models:
  • Private or on-premises Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Cloud outsourcing helps an organisation increase operational efficiency and minimise on-premises infrastructure costs. It also reduces the time an IT team spends on manual and repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on more strategic projects that bring greater value to the business.


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