All-round SAP Business One Support in Frankfurt, Germany

In today’s fast-paced world, running a successful business requires maintaining individuality and flexibility in the workflows and business process. SAP Business One comes as a simple and affordable solution for small and medium enterprises to manage their complete workflows.

As an SAP Silver Partner in Berlin, Ingold Solutions deals with SAP Business One implementation, support, and services. Apart from that, our highly skilled SAP experts can help you with SAP Business One integration with several platforms.

Whether you are an existing user facing problems or a first-time user willing to implement SAP B1 into your existing business process, we are here to help!

Why SAP?

With a record 1.2 million users worldwide SAP Business One is a futuristic ERP system that brings your sales, procurement, marketing, finance, and accounting teams together. SAP customers are involved in 87% of total global commerce, valued at approximately $46 trillion.

Businesses can use SAP Business One both through the cloud and on-premises deployment.

Core SAP features include,

  • Finance & Accounting:Simplifies the accounting process and improves treasury and financial risk management.
  • Sales & procurement:Offers automatic operational purchase, revenue, orders, and contract management system.
  • Manufacturing & Supply chain:Helps in the complex assembly process and streamlines manufacturing engineering with transportation management
  • Service:Offers holistic analytics with reliable and personalised customer data to ensure exceptional service.

Apart from that, SAP Business One can help you in asset management, R&D, and engineering.

Ingold Solutions: An SAP Silver Partner in Berlin

Ingold Solutions helps businesses to start with SAP Business One through our Accelerated Implementation Program. Not only that, but we also offer post-implementation support and services for SAP Business one.

Here is an overview of our impeccable support service offerings:

  • Primary assistance to existing SAP Business One user.
  • Data migration from SAP B1 SQL server to SAP B1 HANA.
  • Timely service enhancement consultation.
  • Assistance with Intercompany 2.0, Integration Hub & Creditsafe integration.
  • Employee training on SAP Business One useability.
  • Report generation as per requirement.
  • Version upgradation of the software.
  • Support for SAP B1 & Magento integration.

At Ingold Solutions, one of our major goals is to stay updated about recent industry trends and relentlessly support our customers with all their challenges related to SAP software. Irrespective of their sizes we offer businesses and enterprises continuous, seamless support.

Our SAP specialists are knowledgeable and have years of experience in the domain. For offering out-and-out support services we have divided our service offerings into flexible and fixed Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Get in touch with us to receive end-to-end SAP Business One support through phone, email, or live chat.

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